Video: UF Football recruiting maven Graham Hall discusses this week’s moves


Gainesville Sun’s Graham Hall discusses Gators football

Graham Hall talks about football Recruiting

Graham Hall talks Gators recruiting. To hear the answers to the questions listed below watch Graham’s video for all the answers.

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, January 25, 2018


  1. Graham, regarding the QB competition this spring, you mentioned Allen as maybe a dark horse candidate for playing time and I agree, especially with Jake being such a tough competitor, but what are your thoughts on Trask (along with Allen) a forgotten man in this scenario. I would think that with his size (which Mullen likes in his QB’s) and the fact that he had to run a spread offense in high school, albeit as a back up QB, and being a better athlete than most people would think, could he possibly emerge and surprise this spring?

    I also agree on your assessment of Copeland. He is a guy that is not just fast or has good hands, but is very good at most all the things you would look for in a WR. However, I also agree that he is not a Percy Harvin type of receiver in my opinion. While I think Copeland could play in the slot, I believe he will start out as an outside WR. Especially, when you consider that we already have Massey & Toney and possible even Wells, who would add a bigger and more physical receiver with great hands at the slot position. Plus the possibility the committed Watkins, who is suited for the slot position as well.

    By the way, I look forward to seeing and hearing you speak at the Gator Club of Jacksonville meeting on the 29th.

    • I think Trask is a little bit more of an unknown as far as what he can do, I’ve also heard Trask’s foot injury was a little worse than was reported and I’m not sure if that hinders his mobility going forward. But he’s been great in practices until last seasons injury slowed him down, we just really won’t know what he can possibly do until Spring practice. Like you said though, his experience with a spread offense at Manvel could help, but he’s more a pro-style guy and that’s why he was the back-up.
      Thank you, I’m looking forward to speaking and meeting everyone there Monday! Hope I can answer any more questions you may have

  2. What is the status of the two wide receiver transfers from
    Ohio state and ole miss? Are they going to be eligible to play this year and who do you project to be the starting wideouts when we line up 4 or 5 at the position. (In other words do swain and Hammond not start?)

    • To my knowledge, which could be wrong, they haven’t heard a formal decision one way or the other. But I reached out last week and UF expects both players to be cleared, and both Van and Trevon expect to be cleared for the 2018 season. NCAA decisions can be unpredictable, however, so I wouldn’t bet on it just yet.