The Gainesville Sun’s recruiting maven Graham Hall answers fan questions


Recruiting correspondent Graham Hall answered your questions during FaceBook Live earlier Thursday. Look for another session with Graham next Thursday.


  1. With Telfort and Smith of the infamous Knucklehead Nine announcing they are leaving, what is the status of their leaving on the number of available scholarships for this coming year? Can UF replace these? Also, any update on the other 7 members of this group? Thanks.

  2. Dan F and Ugator, they (including Miller) are going through process that Graham explained either in this video or the one with Robbie. Thought is that most will be allowed back on team after issues are addressed.

      • For sure Albert, you’re a bright guy, good command of the language, and a good football mind. Plus you’ve got the best screen name out there, just sayin’. So why ruin it with all the unwarranted trash talk? Need attention that bad? Come on, you’re obviously better than this.