Jordan Brand welcomes UF football, basketball programs


The Florida Gators are shedding their Nikes and putting on Jordans in a big-time apparel switch at UF.

Jordan Brand announced a new partnership with Florida on Wednesday. Starting with the 2018-19 season, the Gator football team and the men’s and women’s basketball teams will wear uniforms featuring the Jumpman logo.

“The Florida Gators and Jordan Brand are two of the more iconic brands in athletics and we are looking forward to our partnership that will be enjoyed by the student-athletes of our football and basketball programs and our fans,” athletic director Scott Stricklin said.

Florida becomes the first SEC school to partner with Jordan Brand and the fourth collegiate football program (Michigan, North Carolina and Oklahoma) nationally to represent Jumpman.

Florida’s Jordan Brand merchandise will begin going on sale this summer.



  1. Wow! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see those cool shoes with the surrender white helmets, the hurricane Orange Jerseys and the great new font F on the side. Maybe we can get some LED lights that flash with every step. Then we’ll make those inroads into south Florida we’ve been needing to make. How did coach Spurrier ever win those championships years ago?

  2. Agree with Gary and Earl. Let’s get back to basics and have a consistent brand. Alabama somehow manages to attract the top talent with only one home and one road uniform set. Also, Gator road uniforms: Orange helmets, white jerseys, blue or orange pants.

  3. This article is really ridiculous. Robbie you need to give us the NUMBERS. What is the UAA being paid to do this? What does this mean for DM’s deal? White’s deal? This is all about the Money. Why does this help UF?

    Being associated with Michael Jordan is somewhat questionable in light of his personal life and how he “had to” leave the NBA for a while, allegedly. It must be a boat load of money.