Swampcast: Pat and Robbie discuss the Gators’ loss


Pat and Robbie discuss the Gators’ loss to LSU on homecoming.

Postgame Gator loss to LSU

Posted by Gatorsports on Saturday, October 7, 2017


  1. Pat and Robby, I enjoy your Facebook Live post-game Swmpcasts. We get to see them much quicker this way. May I make a suggestion? Please ignore the comments during the Swmpcast and stop responding to them. You two have good insight, but the comments and your responses to them break up the flow of your discussions. Plus, we don’t always see the comment to which you are responding. All in all, I like listening to your observations about the game instead of you telling someone to forget about Stoops coming here. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Geez, these Facebook-in-a-bunker segments are getting worse. And Dooley will criticize Mac in once column, then tell the fans to lighten up and give him a chance in the next. What gives Dooley, are you the only one that can offer valid criticisms of Mac the Hack?

  3. Ya’ll are wrong! The Gators are stuck in “Mac”iocrity! Mac will never have a dominant team, Don’t care if he’s 16-4 in SEC. Been lucky! Should be 1-4. Will prob drop the next two. Not good! Unacceptable at this juncture. Miami, FSU, USF, and UCF are all better than us. Simply sad.

  4. Pat: At some point you will have to address the non interception / reception in depth. I know you do not want to blame the officials. it was part of the mess. Here are my questions.
    1. Was the call reviewable at all or were portions of it reviewable. I no that the incorrect pass interference blame/call was not.
    2. If the play call was reviewable. Was it rerun at lea.st once by someone in CHARGE. Other than CBS and our replay board at the stadium.
    3. If the play was reviewable why wasn’t it formally reviewed (or was it?) The call on the field was a delayed call. It seems the Replay refs would put it on on automatic replay without Coach Mac requesting it. This was a very pivotable play.
    4.If this was not officially reviewed did Coach Mac do anything to get this reviewed, and if so what did he do? Did he see the play or the replay on the scoreboard. Did he watch the replay on the scoreboard. Did he request a timeout and not get one? If he did not request a timeout and a review why not?
    5. I believe the correct call was interception and not simultaneous catch.(???) Am I right, if reviewable, or unreviewable. Duke wasn’t aggressive enough and then didn’t sell the intcerception. He didn’t celebrate and he looked unsure.
    6. Related point: We got the Eterling non first down review call at the very last second. It looks like the irrate crowd convinced the officials to stop and review before a LSU ran a play.
    Did McElwain or the Florida Bench request the replay. McElwain looked sluggish. It may have been the fans and the scoreboard replay that this call.

    7.It seems that all of the pivotable calls went against us. Maybe Toney went out of bounds. This was a horribly officiated game. Is mac going to the Sec. These officiials should be suspended and low graded. Spurrier helped clean up officiating. This officiating was second only to the Swindle in the Swamp. We could have done other things to win, but we are not
    10 points better than LSU.

    8. So many questions. We don’t want to be sour grapes but cover-up journalism can not be tolerated either.

    9. There is not enough standardization about Replays. IN ONe respect LSU should be credited for being heads up and running a play quickly. The Gator coaches don’t try to do that. IN the future, for consideration of rule changes, should team be rewarded for running a play or should that be in the future “obstruction”. Of justice. The play should be reviewable if the play is run.

    10. Do replays cause more problems than they solve. I think in most cases yes. But MLB has put alot of work into this and I believe replays net positive results.

  5. When do we call this what it is and that’s bad coaching and something we’ve gotten for 3 years under Mac. We can keep making excuces for him but he’s gets paid +$4M to get results and we’re getting worse! Champ’s defensive guys are gonna and I am sorry but Coach Shannon isn’t the answer to that side of the ball. He’s way too conservative and our kids look confused…the latter is a combination of youth and coaching. The offense needs no explanation because it’s a dumpster fire and the guy calling the plays should never have been hired…there’s a reason he was readily available. The fact he’s still employed or that a minimum his play calling duties have not been stripped from him, is an indictment on Mac and if he refuses to deal with it, then he’s definitely not the man for this job. I personally didn’t like the hiring of Mac, it was one of pure desperation and lack of big names being available and/or interested. Football under Mac is unbearable to watch, at least under Muschamp we knew we’d have elite defenses and that would give us a chance. I do believe Muschamp when he said that if he had hired Roper sooner, he’d still be our coach. Instead, what do we have now? What’s our identity…we have none. Look at what Kirby’s doing in year two…he’s coaching and recruiting at an elite level…we are not. Now, I will say that other than Nord (which for the life of me I cannot understand how he still has a job), I like what’s Mac’s done with the assistants, he’s gone all in on recruiting, with who he’s hired and retained (minus Nord). To offset that, the HC and the coordinators have to be elite and our OC is WAY below average and our DC is average at best and I have no clue what our HC is good at…it definitely isn’t offense or making really tough decisions.

    Something has to change and change soon or Mac needs to go but he’s either too dumb, arrogant or stubborn to do what needs to be done…may be a combination but it’s coaching that’s killing this team and it’s time we call a spade a spade.

  6. You know the difference between a Gidiot and a Troll? When we lose, the Gidiots come out calling for the coaches to be fired. When we win, the Trolls come out calling for the coaches to be fired. Either way, they are cut from the same cloth. Both hurt the Gator brand and recruiting whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    I’m not going to let the Gidiots and Trolls drive McElwain out of town. He brought us two division championships in the two years he’s been on the job. We are trending up after the Muschamp years. Recruiting is taking off. We could be like the UTs (both Tennessee and Texas). They drove their successful coaches who brought each school a national championship out of town. Ever since, they are have suffered through a decade (and still counting) of dumpster fire after dumpster fire seasons. Every time, they fire the next coach, the program is set back another 3 or 4 years. Looks like LSU is following the same blue print after firing Miles. Then there’s Nebraska…ditto. How long and how many coaches did Alabama cycle through before they finally landed Saban. The pasture is not always greener on the other side. In fact, it almost always is worse. I want the Gidiots and Trolls to get off my lawn.