Swampcast: Florida vs. Vandy


Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu discuss Florida’s victory over Vanderbilt

Florida vs Vandy swampcast … Yeay!

Posted by Pat Dooley on Saturday, September 30, 2017


  1. That last T.D. was a NAIL in the coffin for Vandy, despite the minute and change left on the clock.
    All the Gator fans, that quote the low no.’s in the offensive stats and hate on Coach Mac & ‘Nuss on the ”talk-shows”, would love to have seen ”the slide”. But the name of the game is ”score the most points”, not score 1 T.D. more than the other team and run out the clock (”listening Coach Muschamp? You showed us that for 4 years, and we’re sick of that … what do you want, T.D. what’s that, TOUCHDOWN!”). I understand the sentiment, but I love watching U.F.’s R.B.s run through a good run ‘D’ like Derek Mason’s Vandy. Now, GEAUX GATORS & BEAT DOWN THE HURTING TIGERS!

  2. Just came home from church and the video works? I do have windows 10.

    Defense is not awful as much as that secondary has too many rookies. Front D is looking better. Focusing on them during the game, they appeared to be really expending energy/charging. Front O is starting to block better. Davis and Thompson make a good contrasting duo. Watched most of LSU vs Troy, they appear no better than Vandy.