Video: Pat Dooley answers reader questions on Facebook Live


Pat answers your questions about the Gators and Vanderbilt.


Pat answers you questions about the Gators and Vanderbilt

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, September 28, 2017


  1. When are you going to dump Del Rio? And get that kid in the saddle? The one that has saved your butt from an onslaught of Gator fans. I know Del Rio’s dad is probably kicking you some cash to start his kid, but in the long run it could mean your job. Lets win with the best choice. NOT with someone who buying their way in.

  2. Mac has had some incredibly bad luck or has contributed to this kind of luck with players with character issues and teaching them how to play. I remember SOS could take a C grade QB and turn him into a B. Mac and Nuss either haven’t found their guy, or can’t teach someone how to rise above mediocrity.
    Maybe Saban could make any OC look good to great, and the proof is how Kiffan performed. Both Mac and Nuss were there but maybe Saban was the true OC.
    I like Mac and maybe Nuss can improve his play calling and making adjustments, but a third year of this kind of performance is very telling.