Swampcast: Del Rio is right man for job




  1. Wait one minute Pat and Rob. Go back and watch the film. FL’s punt Gunners were on Kentucky before he took one step out of his receiving stance. Problem was, they…the Gunners, were easily dismissed by the blockers and return man. Gunners’ Gardner and Henderson haven’t shown themselves as good tacklers to date, be it, in the secondary or punt coverage. If I was the DC, I would outlaw the tackle technique of “spearing head and shoulders at the feet when TRYING to tackle. Wrap’em up Coach! Go Gators!

  2. Interesting comment, Pat. Felipe did not have a quarterback coach in High School. The problem is he still has no quarterback coach. At what point do you finally question the coaching staff’s ability or lack thereof to develop a quarterback. Sadly, Felipe will transfer and no doubt light it up wherever the young man goes. The last quarterback coach at UF wore a visor, and socks.