Dooley Noted: Hey, sports shows, stop saying the Gators are garbage




  1. ”Vandy and U.F. will be a fascinating game”, and I actually agree with that, Pat. And I, personally, don’t think ”Florida’s garbage”. The ”noon start”, for me, is why it will be a ”fascinating game”. Because historically (since Will Muschamp and forward) the noon starts don’t bode well for Florida Football. The Gators finally wake-up, and get it going in the 4th quarter with the noon start games. And coincidentally, that’s exactly what’s been happening with this Florida team the last 2 games. They get it going in the 4th quarter (see: Tenn. and U.K. games). So, I hope the ”new toys” that Coach Mac and Coach ‘Nuss have with Davis and Toney will get plenty of action. Otherwise, it may be another long day for the Gator defense, with Ralph Webb’s running and the play action passing for Vandy. But if Florida’s offense can get it going consistently and score more, then it could -finally- be an ”offensive awakening” for Florida Football. Florida vs. Vandy, a ”fascinating game”, who knew?

  2. Key to Saturday’s game: 3-and-outs. We can’t afford them. I believe this was a large contributing factor in Franks being benched. Our defense is a great “bend but won’t break” unit and it forces a lot of red zone field goal attempts. But it won’t last in our physical conference. I am 100% behind Del Rio — he may be the least talented of our 3 options, but is Florida’s most competent QB since Tebow in my opinion. He moves the chains and plays with composure. I think we beat Vandy 30-17.

  3. Regardless of who is the starting QB, I am interested in seeing the ball going to Toney, Powell, Davis and our other play makers. Agreed about the 3 and out possessions. These need to become drives. If we can put Vandy on its heels early in the game (say 21-10 by halftime), and sustain this effort in the second half, we may finally see a decent overall performance by our offense. F ranks needs to not stare down his prime target. He needs to progressively check each receiver before throwing to his best open option. He also needs to mix it us more with the run. The best offenses are somewhere near 50% pass and 50% run. This keeps defenses off balance. We should win this game by at least two touchdowns – Vandy showed nothing at all against Bama. GO GATORS!!!

    • not sure that will be the best play against vandy. derek mason is a good coach, and i’m sure hes seen florida’s footage this season. not saying to ignore toney, but i’m saying vandy will expect that. with vandy florida has to hope to overpower with bigger badder linemen, something that should happen. if florida can keep vandy’s defense on the field, eventually wear on the vandy defense, the wildcat formation will then be more effective, but i really want to see a power running game. let malik davis get 15 touches in the first half, enough play action to keep the defense off balance, and see how the first half goes before running the toney first offense. think it’s a game by game adjustment, but what will work best against vandy.

  4. We have a long way to go to be what we all desire, but as a team garbage is way too harsh. What we need is much better blocking, we saw some in the forth quarter of KY, but improvements are still needed. And those that think 12 noon games mean anything are not living in reality. Every game and opponent is different, as is every year’s team.

  5. The fact that Dooley has to asking fans not to call the Gators garbage is an indication that they are playing horribly. When a team is doing well the fans know it, and love it. Other than maybe UAB, there is not a game on the schedule that I am not seriously worried about.

  6. Good interview with the Vandy reporter – he had interesting insights but seemed to be focused on what fsu was doing? I don’t think they are worth being in the discussion, but then again I hate fsu.
    Nice Dooley Noted, Pat. I agree that LDR may be our best option for now but I don’t think he’ll last the season. He isn’t mobile and can’t avoid the hits of guys going full steam in on him. Our blitz protection sucks – Franks’ big body has a better chance of survival.

  7. OK, two things. Please, please, please stop calling them “Appie State”. They are “App State”. No one in or associated to Appalachian State University calls them Appie State. Google “Appie State” and see what you get. Now, google “App State”. SHM

    Second is, when you started talking about “The Pledge” I was thinking, Dooley is not on the wagon? J/K of course.

  8. We will never compete with Bama until we finally find a QB who can see the field and have outstanding leadership skills. Our OC’s game plan and adjustments will improve with the right QB guy to run the entire offense. It seems that there’s too much hold back now unless LDR is behind center. Franks might never be the guy although he has an incredible arm. What he needs more than anything is more play book knowledge and to better lead players around him
    Our depth has been severely limited with the suspensions, so LB recruiting is paramount now, not to mention ST players and gunners who can cover kicks and make tackles.
    Mac has been very patient with character issues of primary players, but looks like he will rid himself of those who could care less about the school, the team, or themselves.

    • mostly agree – it is a talent issue on the field, not off the field that is what sets florida back against teams like bama and michigan, although the gap is slowly closing, and nobody knows what the ceiling is on franks yet.