Swampcast: Kentucky ‘going to be a tough one for Florida’


Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu discuss the upcoming game against the University of Kentucky.


  1. Considering we, the Gator fans, call the Gator ‘O’ coaches, ”Mac and Nuss”, ’cause we simlify their names, as it’s easier to pronounce. So those same coaches should SIMPLIFY the OFFENSE enough to allow U.F. to take an early lead. I know in my heart of hearts, the YOUNG GATOR GUYS are not only the FUTURE, they’re FLA.’s best chance to score! Coach McElwain and Coach Nussmeier, see!?!? Simplify the OFFENSE, Coach Mac and Coach ‘Nuss… SIMPLIFY AND WIN!
    GO GATORS! Work those kitty cats silly!!!