Facebook Live: Dooley answers reader questions


Gainesville Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley fields reader questions ahead of the Kentucky game.


Pat Dooley Live answers your questions about UF vs Kentucky.

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, September 21, 2017


  1. Still disappointed at the positive statements during camp about how good the OL will be. Very average at best as the guys are big but some don’t move well. Not much creativity until Franks spotted Cleveland to win the game.
    OL has stifled the run game and Thompson is either scared to block or can’t see anyone to block. Glasses?
    Throw it deep every quarter to slow down loading the box, that is, if there is any time at all. The QB’s now have to be sprinters to avoid the hospital.

    • All the signs of poor coaching. Why did he say they were good before the season? Because he thinks they are good players, and they probably really have potential. But they play poorly because they are poorly coached. When our offense does occasionally do well, it seems more a matter of good players trying their heart out to make something happen despite not being setup for success by their coaches- in terms of preparation, conditioning, discipline, and play calling.

  2. Tenn almost lost today to Umass. La Tech is gonna beat SC too. SEC football (other than bama) is a complete joke, none of the other teams deserve rankings at all. Why do you feel this has happened? To go from a dominant league to garbage football in such a short period of time?