Dooley Noted: Kentucky game ‘is really about Florida’


Pat discusses the upcoming Florida game at Kentucky, interviews John Clay of the Lexington Herald-Leader and tackles other developments in NCAA football.


  1. Pat
    I can only speak for myself unlike you. I would be happy with a top 25 offense. I also think the media coverage paints the as a bunch of whiners. When was the last time you heard the fans complain about our defense. The facts are the offense has been abysmal for years, just look at the numbers.

    Get real. I want Mac to succeed and think he is doing a good job but I will never be happy with an offense that continually finishes in the 100’s. I’m sure Mac not happy about it so why should I.

  2. Florida CANNOT LOSE THIS GAME, and win the East! History shows, you have to win all your eastern divisional games. Then ‘if’ you slip up against an Arkansas (last year), but then beat an A&M -or- LSU (this year), S.E.C. EAST CHAMPS, again! So, W’s are a must for ALL OF U.F.’s EASTERN GAMES! And then good things usually happen -if- you split against the western div. teams.
    GO GATORS! Wildcats taste like chicken!