Dooley Noted: If Florida loses to Tennessee, ‘it’s going to get ugly’


Pat discusses the upcoming Tennessee game, interviews sports Jimmy Hyams of WNML and, and takes a look around college football.


  1. Pat:

    I’m not a big sports talk guy but I gotta say that I’ve never seen you get this negative on a coach before. I think we roll Tennessee and find out in December that we lost to a Michigan team that is bound for the Big10 title and the playoffs.

  2. Must you always be so negative towards Gator football. Your comments about Gator athletes are not well served. Maybe you could be a little more upbeat and spare the ugliness of being a reporter only able to see negative. I am very upset reading your comments.

  3. When Tennessee beats us Saturday this guy should be fired immediately. Offensive genius my eye no imagination the team is feather pillow soft. We can’t another 4 year mistake with Foleys fingerprints all over it.
    McElwain is not the guy for UF go all in on either Stoops or Mullen

  4. I have faith in the Gator coaching staff, starting with Coach Mac, Coach Shannon and Coach Nuss. It is their job to motivate the Gators and prepare our team to play UT tomorrow. On offense, we need much better pass protection and run blocking (the OL needs to step up and do what we know they can do). On defense, we need to stop the run and force the pass. If we don’t score a touchdown on our first drive, kick a long field goal – put points on the board. Build confidence in our QB so he can get into a groove. Nice early long bomb against UM. We need more of this. GO GATORS!!!

  5. Hope everyone has got power back or is close to it in the Sunshine State. We certainly want a win Saturday against the Vols. The O will have to step it up, esp the OL. It’s their time to show they can be a force. The group was extremely mediocre against Michigan. We need good innovative play calling & excellent halftime ADJUSTMENTS, even if we get ahead. Go Gators!

  6. On my honor, if we look competent on offense, meaning 400+ yards, I won’t turn the dial up. However, I am sick of hearing Gators fans being told they are entitled and whine too much while we have the worst offense in the SEC. Is there the same honor that if we have the same garbage play-calling and line (you can fix some line problems with play-calling), that maybe we can hear that maybe play-calling duties should go elsewhere?

  7. What if both D’s play ”badly”, and we get a shootout on Steve Spurrier/Florida Field? I think it would actually be good for the Q.B., receivers, and R.B.s (for U.F.). The team that scores last may be the team that wins. See: the 2016 game in ”The Swamp”. Either way, ‘”GO GATORS!”

  8. Coach Mac believed the O-Line was the strength of the team. After that performance by the O-Line against Michigan, he should be questioning everything he thinks he knows about football and that’s not good Gator fans. This was another top-ten beat down to a superior team just like our now annual FSU and Alabama whippings.

    The suspensions are hurting and quality depth is a major issue so this season could get bad… really bad. Don’t forget, credit card fraud is a felony and injuries are part of the game. If you thought last years limping finish was awful to watch due to a depleted roster, this entire season may get ugly if we lose another starter or two… which we of course will.

    Coach Mac still has work to do to building the roster to be competitive against the top tier programs but in his 3rd year, a blow-out loss to start the season is very disheartening for the Gator Nation.

    This UT game is huge. If the offense is as bad as it’s been and the Defense in on the field for 40 minutes again… Coach Mac might lose the locker room and then that’s that for his tenure. The Defense did fold late in the Michigan game and I have to believe that side of the ball is starting to question if the O will ever improve.

    Anyone wonder if Coach Mac’s dire disposition at the press conferences was because he knows additional players are now involved in the fraud investigation and additional suspensions are coming? Or that he knows UF won’t allow felons to play so these guys are not coming back?

  9. I attended UF. I hope Tennessee em-bare-asses McElwain today. I don’t like him, and want him gone sooner than later. A win just prolongs inevitable pain. GO VOLS! (followed by KY, Vandy, LSU, and TexA&M; I’ll grant him a win over UGA (if he’s still there at that time) cuz a loss to them is sacrilegious!.