Swampcast: Suspensions, Franks and Michigan




  1. Oh geez, here goes Dooley with his “it’s only a game” moralizing. I guess every sportswriter feels obligated to be ostentatiously downcast to show his more mature sensibilities.

    C’mon Pat! Fans angry over coddled thief-players has NOTHING to do with the Houston tragedy. Your paycheck depends on fan passions that you would have them switch on/off according to acceptable topical correctness. Fans going to Dallas (wish I could) are laying out big $$$ to cheer a team that should put out its best effort, and now likely won’t. They have every reason and right to be angry, and you are out of line to scold them from your high horse.

  2. “I thought we had a good plan,” coach Jim McElwain said, “but as it turned out, the plan was pretty well foiled by getting whooped by big, strong guys…”
    I cringe EVERY time Mac opens his mouth.
    The weirdo is NOT “cool,” but an embarrassment.
    He’s GOTTA GO!!!