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      Won’t kneel, won’t bow down, won’t be coerced or compelled to entrance myself with stupid, dishonest, America hating slogans. Won’t do it, can’t do it. I am on Team America. America forever, baby.

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      Would rather watch Mike Lindell commercials for three hours than be subjected to stupid groupthink conformity rituals led by violent ignoramuses, and rabid America haters.

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      American “journalism” has been a parasitic drain on American culture ever since March 1968, when the excessively self important, blowhard gasbag Walter Cronkite came on the air and declared America could not win the Vietnam War, even though we had not lost a single significant military engagement.

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      That 1999 NCAA tournament game when E. Shannon’s last second game winner rimmed out put ‘Zag on the big time college b-ball map. Looks like they may be getting another hand up from UF.

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      Won’t get a vaccine. Won’t do it. Can’t do it. Won’t watch any sport succumbing to the kneeling cult either.

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      Beat LSU, along with the Toilet Drinking Bullfrogs of Georgia, no slip ups vs. Kenturkey, SC, Ole Piss, and the Knoxville Creamsicles, then the path to the SEC crown is there, as is an NC playoff berth. It’s as good a chance UF has had since The Tebow era.

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      Big chance being taken by breaking up what looked like good chemistry of a team core going into junior year. Continuity and chemistry reinforce each other. Creating what that core had all over again, and doing it in less than 6 months, seems a serious challenge.

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      American political life has always been factional. The Founders designed our federal constitutional republic to control the spirit of faction, but all Amercan life has never been all political, a big part of what makes this country better than all others, especially totalitarian regimes, where everything is political.

      Politicization of sports, is a recent development, against the American political tradition, and led by lazy, stupid, vicious losers.

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      If it involves any cult-like ritual kneeling, or neurally conditioned, linguistcally programmed, light in the loafers lecturing on the shortcomings of America – which on its worst day is far better than anywhere else, ever – I will not watch. I suspect many others rightly will not either.

      Sports are about talent, merit and performance under pressure, not politics.

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      Politics are part of sports in authoritarian regimes, not America, until recently. “Woke” means sophomoric social commentary mixed with half baked Marxism. It is stupid and unmanly in the extreme. If any player wants to walk away for something stupid, they can, but do not pretend it is anything but stupid. American sport, like America, is a meritocracy. Once sport becomes just another platform for a racial extortionist mob pumped full of America hatred, it’s nothing I will watch.

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      The self serving contrived outrage, and the mindless conformity of it all is making what was once good TV and radio sports unwatchable, and unlistenable. Play the game, politic afterward.

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      In dissuading the English Parliament from passing a tax upon printing presses in the 17th century, John Milton said, “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue according to conscience, above all liberties.” 21st century “woke” radical conformist headcases want liberty destroyed, and with it, all fun, humor, and anything non-political.

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      Greatest republic ever conceived, no doubt. I love 1776, and 1492 too.

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      I imagine it feels like your service is being mocked. I also imagine the answers to these cult demands upon this country may yet have to come from the mouths of cannons, to conclusively end the mockery, and preseve the republic.

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      Problem at 5 since Big John E. got hurt. Haven’t followed closely enough to talk of specific recruits, but a campus the size of UF gives it a general recruiting plus.

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