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    Maybe my eyesight betrayed me, and I don’t know the applicable rule’s exact wording, but I don’t think I saw video proof sufficient to overturn the call on the floor that K. Johnson’s game tying shot was good. Loved the comeback, but they really could have used some C. Richard or M. Parker type muscle tonight.

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    Strong start and a white hot, wipe out finish; looked like a 25 win team today.

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    Weather neutralizes opponent’s home court advantage, but team comes out flat, can’t find its footing, then finishes with a fizzle. It’s always something.

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    Nearly 80% 2nd half FT’s, decisively closing out opponent on its home court, halfway to 20 wins, and still in the hunt for 25.

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    Love the fighting spirit, and of course, the conference W, but spotting conference opponents 15-20 leads is living dangerously.

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    With a much easier schedule than this year, and hopefully a little better luck with injuries than this year, UF’s NC path is there, but Georgia’s Toilet Drinking Bullfrogs must be defeated.

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    Every time the team seems to be gelling and headed for big run, they fall flat. Who knows what team shows up tonight. Was confident in a 25 win season. Now it looks like 20 will be a struggle. It’s always something.

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    Never mind.

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    The crowd will be raucous with #1 Baylor in G-Ville. If UF plays like they did against Auburn, and like they did in the last minute at LSU, beating two top 5 opponents in one week is in the cards. Pulling that off would really be something.

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    Now that you mention it, a well designed, near perfectly executed set play, capping off a furious rally from 10 down with a little over a minute to play, only to be less than 1/10 of a second late, is most definitely another illustration that it’s always something.

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    No, barring injuries, he will be top notch, again. But I would gladly fight with anyone thinking Oklahoma, who clearly did not belong anywhere near the CFP semis, should have ended up ranking higher than UF, which some writers contributing to the final poll did, or that they even belonged in the top ten. What was that halftime score vs. LSU? 46-10? UF was a couple plays from beating LSU on their home turf, without their two best pass rushers, and without KT.

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    Sounds like you are saying something almost like it’s always something, such as an opponent’s near magical shooting on a night weather neutralized their home court advantage. Don’t forget UF going 0 for everything from the floor for the game’s first 5-6 minutes.

    Tonight was more like it needs to be – keeping conference home record unblemished – which must continue, if UF is to win 25, and get a good tournament seed.

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    Hope you are right about being able to relax, and that they keep racking up wins through the conference schedule. but as I have learned over and over again about major UF sports since my first semester in G-ville in 1980, it’s always something.

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    Think he has potential to be a persistent scoring threat like P. Harvin, and that using him and Jones together might create big play chances.

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    UF can win the East, 85%. Win the SEC, 65%, and if they do, 90% in the CFP, and the NC.

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