Will stupid “woke” politics ruin college football too?

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      If it does I won’t watch. Won’t do it, can’t do it.

      In third world dictatorships everything is political, politicized, or intended as a political message. It’s stupid, it’s boring, and it’s a big part of why those countries are unsuccessful, and are terrible places to live.

      Overwrought and underinformed “wokeness” weirdoes are bent on making this country that way. They must be stopped.

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      The left owns the academy, the media, the judiciary, the arts, and they have established firm beach heads with the military and sports. When they can fully claim those as well, I’m afraid that your thesis will be deemed wholly inappropriate and therefore unapproved. Say it while you still can!

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        In dissuading the English Parliament from passing a tax upon printing presses in the 17th century, John Milton said, “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue according to conscience, above all liberties.” 21st century “woke” radical conformist headcases want liberty destroyed, and with it, all fun, humor, and anything non-political.

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      I always listen to ”sports talk,” and even that has become ”political” lately. And it’s sad that the 24 HOUR NEWS CYCLE isn’t enough for many. No, now it’s penetrated into ”sports talk,” too. Sports, like alcohol and drugs for some, is an ”escape” for many of us (especially those of us who ”quit partying”). Now it’s front and center, all the time, and on all the shows. And to what end? All I see are statues being torn down, our history being erased, innocent people’s businesses being engulfed in flames, and their stuff looted. Presently, very little good is coming from all this outrage. The POLICE are PULLING BACK now, and ‘IF’ that was the goal, great, you’ve got it! Now who are they going to call when there’s a man in your home, stealing your stuff, or worse, rapping your wife or daughter? Call GHOST BUSTERS, I suppose. Because the police won’t be there quickly enough, since many are quitting or just not in a hurry to help out in this environment. Sad state of affairs the left has brought upon America. And it’s all about ”politics.” Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer have been in politics close to 100 years collectively. And suddenly now they’re going to fix all the evil in our nation? Yea, whatever! Just give me back ”sports” without all the divisive rhetoric, please!

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        The self serving contrived outrage, and the mindless conformity of it all is making what was once good TV and radio sports unwatchable, and unlistenable. Play the game, politic afterward.

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      You and several others here sound extremely racist! I don’t know what you are implying by using the term “woke” but I have a pretty good idea. Listen…our black athletes including myself don’t play for folks LIKE YOU! They also don’t care if you watch! MILLIONS of others WILL! You can sit there with your online persona and try to hide but reality is you’re LYING! You would be the first person in front of that tv when games start. Imagine this…Imagine ALL the black players at UF decide to not play or transfer to other schools. Tell me…just how many games you think UF would win? If you think losing one game is bad you have no idea. Its funny how you can cheer and yell for those black kids on Saturday during the game but try to induce your politics or racism into ANYTHING those kids do. YOU BETTER REMEMBER…you beg for them to come play for UF. As a former player we despised people like yourself. Oh…don’t think a lot of the non-black players didn’t. Most of us are a band of brothers. I try to ignore ignorance but when stupidity plays a part as well, then I’ll comment.

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        Your definitions of racist and ignorant are pretty telling, pardner. Oh, by the way….while you’re slinging racism yourself, are you sure I’m not black too? Nobody’s hiding behind anything here except for you.

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      I’m not your pardner (sic) (PARTNER) nor do I care what color you are OR WHO you are. What I care about is SPORTS! You folks want to make a political statement go to a FOX News site. There are PLENTY of that type there. As for hiding…lol…I’m at EVERY Gator home game right there on the sideline. EASY as hell to find! Before that post I was sitting here saying I really like this Gator-6 guy. He could hang out with us. When you bring politics to sports that goes out the window. It SHOULDN’T be here…PERIOD! Someone mentioned gas lighting earlier and that’s exactly what that is. Other than that post…I’m cool “witcha”. You need to understand when you shake that cage by using words that are primarily used by black people, then you are directing that toward ALL black people! Btw..I HIGHLY doubt you’re black because you would have known not to make that comment. I’m WOKE, I’m BLM and still have a large majority of friends that are white. I hate the term “white friends”. To me they are simply friends that happen to be white. I have a biracial daughter. I’m one 3 family members to play at UF. All three of us LOVE UF. I promise you this….I’m not here to roughen things up or cause havoc. Not my style. I’m just saying keep politics out of because you WILL piss more than me off. Other than that I would still have a beer with you. Peace

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        Politics are part of sports in authoritarian regimes, not America, until recently. “Woke” means sophomoric social commentary mixed with half baked Marxism. It is stupid and unmanly in the extreme. If any player wants to walk away for something stupid, they can, but do not pretend it is anything but stupid. American sport, like America, is a meritocracy. Once sport becomes just another platform for a racial extortionist mob pumped full of America hatred, it’s nothing I will watch.

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        This is a forum in the Gator Lounge, totally separate from posting in response to articles, “pardner”. And pray tell, what, exactly, words on here are “primarily used by black people”….or for that matter, are the exclusive domain of black people? One sided politics are infecting the sports media across the board, so I fail to see how discussing it off the typical posting responses to stories can be a sin somehow. Put differently, the topic of this particular forum is POLITICS — but if we discuss politics in it, you’re all of sudden offended and make it about race? Unbelievable. I guess I’m a racist, that being established by a guy who doesn’t even know me. It’s later than we think.

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      Then DON’T WATCH!

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        If it involves any cult-like ritual kneeling, or neurally conditioned, linguistcally programmed, light in the loafers lecturing on the shortcomings of America – which on its worst day is far better than anywhere else, ever – I will not watch. I suspect many others rightly will not either.

        Sports are about talent, merit and performance under pressure, not politics.

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      Would rather watch Mike Lindell commercials for three hours than be subjected to stupid groupthink conformity rituals led by violent ignoramuses, and rabid America haters.

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      Sly Sylvester

      Politics has become a sport, unfortunately. Fans pick a team or side and continue to cheer and root for them even though their team suck and their ideology is a lost cause. It is fueled by passion and loyalty, not logic and objectivity.

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        American political life has always been factional. The Founders designed our federal constitutional republic to control the spirit of faction, but all Amercan life has never been all political, a big part of what makes this country better than all others, especially totalitarian regimes, where everything is political.

        Politicization of sports, is a recent development, against the American political tradition, and led by lazy, stupid, vicious losers.

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      Won’t kneel, won’t bow down, won’t be coerced or compelled to entrance myself with stupid, dishonest, America hating slogans. Won’t do it, can’t do it. I am on Team America. America forever, baby.

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