Will College Football season start on time?

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      With many states slowly reopening their economies and there being four months to go before the currently scheduled start of the college football season, the question begs: will the kick-off date be postponed? One the one hand, there’s no doubt coronavirus is very contagious and large public events like football games are “super spreading” opportunities. On the other hand, we now have clear evidence that the only people in real danger from this virus are the elderly and otherwise immuno-compromised, who can stay home and watch the games on TV.

      If despite that clear knowledge, the football season is postponed anyway, then another question begs: When can we logically expect it to start up again given that (1) fall/winter is the historical time for virus pandemic rebounds, (2) hiding out at home avoids developing societal immunity and (3) a vaccine may be years away from availability, if ever?


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      Yes, I have an opinion. But you already know it, so I’ll defer to the other reader if there is one. 🤐

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      Yes gents, I already know your opinions on this topic. I seek others, however rare they may be nowadays.

      BTW, we know Dooley’s opinion on the start of college football as well. He made it the first topic of his April 28 Back Nine column, however difficult it may be to find it on this site now. Here’s a link to it in case you’re curious:

      The Back Nine: A revamped college football schedule for you

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      Keep old people home. Test all the athletes. Sit every third seat. Play the damn game. And penalize FSU on principle alone.

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      Daz Wazlle

      I would disagree that the “only” people in danger are the old or immune compromised. there has been a great deal of youngf people that have died from this that were not “immume compromised”. Yes the overwhelming majority are older or immune compromised but they arent the only ones dying. Now I know that wasnt the thrust of your post so i think they ought to play the game, test all players before kick off, limit the seating and promote live streaming. The thing about Liberty is that people must be free to choose their path. they know the dangers and must be free to take the path they want. we dont need a paternalistic govt. Sure there are a few that do but that is what natural selection is for!

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      Sly Sylvester

      I am with you Daz. We should be careful not to mislead and endanger the young and restless healthy people into believing that they are safe.

      I am all for liberty but liberty also requires responsibility. I’m not sure the people in this country in general is up to the task. I live in an area that has the highest number of cases in an SEC state. I don’t know about other parts of the country, but about 90% of the people I see shopping at stores still don’t wear masks and they don’t keep their distance even with signs and taped marking on the floor everywhere showing how far apart they should stand in line. Perhaps if our leaders are more vocal about PPE and safety which I don’t see happening, the masses will follow. I liken the situation to parents (the government) and the children (the people). Not sure the children have demonstrated enough responsibility to handle more freedom. Sure there are many that respect authority and are considerate of others. They have earned and deserve more freedom. It’s the others who ruin it for the rest. Unfortunately, they are the most vocal about having more freedom and showing great disrespect for authority in the process.

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        Sly, FREEDOM is all about being FREE to accept whatever level of risk is tolerable to each individual citizen in their own “pursuit of happiness.” That is what the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution established for us and why the United States is so different from ALL other nations in the history of mankind.

        It is up to EACH individual business owner, regardless of size and lobbying power, to decide whether to open for business and what rules of “social distancing” to enforce in their establishment. It is up to EACH individual ADULT citizen to decide whether to leave their home, whether to wear a mask, or how far to stand away from other people. It is up to other ADULTS out there to shame the non-conformists into more socially acceptable behavior.

        This virus is VERY contagious. Most people who venture out of their homes WILL most likely be exposed to it, regardless of what protective measures they or their government officials take to prevent it. Most who get infected will not notice, some will get sick and fewer still will sadly succumb to this desease.

        That is the way of life as long as humans and viruses have inhabited the earth. And there may NEVER be an effective vaccine against this virus, regardless of what any of the so called experts tell us on TV about its development and clinical trials. AIDS sufferers are STILL waiting for an effective vaccine… after 35 years!!!

        So, again I’ll ask, how long will we LOGICALLY delay the start of this college football season??? I know November 7th, as one columnist on this site has suggested, only makes LOGICAL sense if the motives are purely political.

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      Sly Sylvester

      Testing is great if we can get results within an hour or a day at the latest. I don’t think we are there yet.

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      ”The Chinese Wuhan Virus” has been destructive in every aspect of free living in America today. From the priceless lives it has taken, to the the destruction of the American economy. China was and is complicit in all of this. And while it won’t take any of the ”sting” away from any of us, it does put the proverbial ”black hat” squarely on the COMMUNIST CHINESE GOV’T.

      I cannot see very many people doing anything in the numbers that we were once used to, like 85 thousand at ”The Swamp.” I hope for a vaccine, and personally, I think we’re closer than we know. Ultimately, COMMIE CHINA was the kid who was losing, so he took the ball we were all playing with home. What a PUNK!

      Lastly, Crocs and Gators have the most ”powerful blood” in the animal kingdom. So we have that going for us. CHOMP-CHOMP! Go Gators!

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        Communist China’s actions and inactions in this matter come very close to causus belli; definitely unfriendly, and may finally snap some people out of harboring illusions otherwise. Mankind has been at war with contagion since walking upright, and hopefully led by America, it will be man’s adaptibility, ingenuity and innovation that wins this battle, and returns life to normal.

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