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      Was overseas for last 5 yrs and this site used to be full of members with good conversations and insight. I come back and it’s as empty as the desert. WTH happened?

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      A very long story. It used to be terrific, entertaining, and full of wit (along with laser beams for the old timers). Now…boring and empty wasteland

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      Pay to play happened, Damien, and without any lead time and no explanation. One day last week, you just couldn’t get on without somehow paying and the rather under handed bone was “5 free stories per month”. Well, most of us used that up on Day 1. For some, it was just having to pay. For others, it wasn’t so much that but rather the sense of being taken for granted. Some are slowly coming back, some are probably lost forever to include some very stalwart guys and good Gators all.

      OK, we probably needed some new blood. I get that. But I still resent the way it “suddenly” came about. Would have preferred an explanation and few days to mull it over/discussion. It will build back and already is, but again, it could have been handled better. That said, you still can’t beat the format of this site, although I’m sure many of us are wondering, “what’s the next sudden surprise?”.

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      This became my “go to” Gator news and forum site when Spurrier coached at UF. I’ve always gone out of my way to support Sun advertisers when visiting Gainesville and attending UF events.

      I’m sure it wasn’t a local decision, like five years ago when corporate all but abandoned the forums. They had a huge following on here before that “tweak” to the site. They still don’t seem to get it, so many years and other competing Gator news and forum sites later.

      That left local reporters and Gator news at no charge. I think the reporters are worth it – but not on my budget when the news is available from so many other sources – without a subscription fee.

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        Joe Shiver

        Not sure where this reply will show up, but regarding mtn2top’s mention of an event five years ago, I think that might’ve been the move to requiring Facebook log-in. Prior to that you could just log-in to make a comment with your email address. When the FB requirement went down, I had to simply read the comments, since I was too stubborn to give in and sign up for a FB account. The number of comments per article were severely limited by that move. A couple years later they abandoned the FB log-in requirement in favor of making it site where you could register as a member, but also comment as a guest. Then, in early 2018, they required you to register as member (no cost) in order to continue commenting. Now, in the same fashion with no advance notice, they’re requiring a paid subscription. As many have said, I don’t mind paying, I just wish there had been some sort of advance notice.

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      Yea I noticed that last week when I first logged on. I clicked on a story and it wanted me to sign in for a 5 stories a month. seriously, 5 stories a month? 5 breaking stories can happen in a matter of hours. That to me seems like a huge disservice, much less slap in the face, to the loyal fans and members that have supported the site for years. Now I’m seeing last updates 12 hrs or more on threads. That should be a sign to the higher ups that something is wrong.

      The powers that be should take into account, what’s left of, the long standing members ideas and criticism to better this forum in order to get it maybe back where it used to be. That’s doubtful, but with a good overhaul along with reinventing itself, it could happen. I found another forum site that a lot of members went to. It’s very well put together and the camaraderie seems to be what this place used to be. Not sure if I can post the Chatter of the Gators over there. I’m gathering from there that there was a mass exodus a few yrs ago when something happened here between some mods and the owners of the site or the reporters. Since it’s been so long, it’s a little hard to piece together everything.

      I’m sure anything I’ve posted will fall on deaf ears with absolutely nothing being done to correct the ship. It may piss some people off and I may get banned for speaking my mind. I may not be the smartest bulb in the box, but if I can notice the issues I think anyone can.

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      I have been getting my news from Gatorsports.com for years. Some of the information was great and some was terrible, but you read it because you wanted some sort of Gator news. Now you have to pay to see articles and I don’t necessarily mind paying, but there was no warning or explanation. All of a sudden, one day this blue screen pops up and demands money.

      You don’t get any bonus coverage. It is the same articles and, unfortunately, some of the same lazy writing. If you want to be a pay site, you have to offer a lot of in-depth content that goes beyond listing your favorite songs or writing a mid-week article that consists of one sentence paragraphs. Check out some of the other Gator sites that have VIP sections and they are breaking down film and stats and recruiting.

      So not only did they alienate long-standing supporters, alumni who read the Gainesville Sun, readers and posters, but they also have risked those people never coming back. The other Gator pay sites have been chasing the Gatorsports for years; now those readers will be forced to look at other sites and comment there. Once that happens, it is even harder to get them back.

      I know this falls on deaf ears and I hope it works out for them. The comment section was amazing and now it is dead. I’ll pay my money for the first 6-months but if the coverage remains the same and there isn’t additional content, why bother in the following seasons? In the meantime, I’ll also give some other sites a try. Good luck with your new business model.

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      Honestly, the message board here hasn’t been relevant in 10 years or more.

      And no one’s gonna pay to read about what Dooley is listening to on his iPod.

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        DocZauis – RIGHT ON!

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      I’m out of here despite this appearance. I’ve been looking elsewhere and so far found one possibility. In the swampcast, I think Robbie kind of gritted his teeth and made some kind of mention of “if anyone is still listening.” I don’t blame him. Anyway, I find I have more time and I like that.

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      I came here a little over a year ago. Reason the people that post here are engaging and mostly fans. The articles while informative are not always the best written though that seems to be the norm for most papers these days. There are some other fan sites that have better writing but not the class of people that were here posting. I haven’t decided whether or not I am joining here for two reasons.
      1)If I am paying for it I want well written engaging articles from the paid staff.
      2)I am still mad there was no warning of the pending change.
      Granted some would have left regardless but I think that most would have stayed.
      Key idea since I think the fee covers all of the suns articles how about a rate for sports only? Football only?

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        OK 65, tell ya’ what. Let me hold 59.95 ’till payday, and then I’ll send you 59.95 for a free one year unlimited access subscription, and the best part is, after that you don’t owe me nothin. Or, just send me the 59.95, I keep it, and I still don’t owe you nothing. See how this works? Good deal, right? 😎

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      I came to the gatorsports forums in the 1990’s. The forums were quite a bit different at that time, but the admins kept changing the site only to make it “better”. I endured those changes and was a more frequent poster then. Several years ago, the type of poster changed and the board became more contentious with rabid posters from other schools. The mods allowed people who should be banned to continue and the result was people fleeing and the forums shutting down. Like many others, I stopped posting but I kept coming to gatorsports for Gator news. Now, I have found options to that, not because of subscription cost but because of the way it happened. First it was shutdown, then FB and now a subscription.

      There are probably 10 posts a week on the forums and the Gators are a top 10 team. This is probably the best time to get long lost Gator fans back, but charging for the privilege to read articles available elsewhere is a losing proposition.

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      Well, that other site gator chatter is where everyone went. I didn’t follow, as I just wasn’t interested. I remained here since reporters posted here…or used to, and you could get gator stories and info. What I have found is that you get pretty good news info from the actual gator website, http://www.floridagators.com, so I see no point in paying for stuff here. If the folks here do something to get people coming back here, like posting inside info, they may be able to rebuild a good base and get that ad revenue stream they seek.

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      If they put a forum on that site…, my guess is they will be in a pretty good position.

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