Week 8 – Georgia Game Predictions

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      Isn’t it great to have Florida coming into this game as a top 10 team?

      Georgia has been there for the past couple of seasons. That’s why Georgia is a 9 point favorite. With six players going to the NFL, Georgia is diminished, especially in the running game.

      The betting line will fall as the game approaches. Georgia has an edge on offense with Fromm. Florida has the better defense. Kicking and special teams could be the difference. Who makes the critical mistakes? the big plays?

      Take the points – I’ll take the win. Only Florida will be in the top 10 next week. Florida 27-24 Georgia.

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      UF’s weekly improvements is impressive and fun to watch… I hate jawja with a passion, and hope I’m wrong, but I see them winning big: 52-3

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      Black Dahlia

      Florida wins 37-17.

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      Arnold Feliciano

      Robbie Andreu: Georgia 27, Florida 17
      Pat Dooley: Georgia 28, Florida 23
      Graham Hall: Florida 30, Georgia 17
      Kyle Bennett, Multimedia editor: Georgia 27, Florida 10
      Aaron Brand, Multimedia editor: Georgia 30, Florida 20
      Guest picker, Alan Festo, Multimedia editor: Florida 30, Georgia 24.
      Gatorsports.com: Florida 17, Georgia 13

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      I think the reality is Georgia has superior depth in many positions. Just like the Gators are not as bad as they looked against Kentucky, the Dawgs are not as bad as they looked against LSU. If you look at matchups, the Georgia Pass D is far better than our Pass O, while our Pass D might be marginally better than Georgia’s O. The rush games may be a push, but Georgia has more explosive backs that could make a difference. Coaching might tilt to us, and special teams marginally as well. If Florida is to win, they have to:

      1. Win TO battle (at least +2)
      2. Win hidden yards (penalties, returns, etc.)
      3. Limit explosive UGA runs (less than 3 of the 15+ yard variety).
      4. Win time of possession
      5. Have at least one explosive on a return

      Having said that, I don’t think it happens, and I don’t think we are competitive much beyond halftime. Georgia 34-17.

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        Sly Sylvester

        Almost perfect. We have some pretty good Gator Guessers on here.

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      Black Dahlia


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