Week 6 – LSU Game Predictions

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      With the SEC victory on the road last week there’s a glimmer of hope the Gators may be able to squeak out a win at home against LSU. I’ll take the Gators at home but it will be close 17-14 in a defensive struggle. Kickers will vie often to put this one in the win column.

      There’s bad blood with LSU, and the Gators have enough players around from the past few encounters to remember. I think our defense is better in front, their’s in the back end. Their offense has a slight edge with a solid O line and Burrow, who will avoid most mistakes of inexperience.

      Turnovers and special teams will obviously be critical in the outcome. I look forward to what could be one of the most even contests in the SEC this season. Gators can and will pull out a crucial win over an SEC West team at home. They have to play smart and let LSU make the mistakes that will cost them the game.

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      With the return of CC Jefferson and David Reese, Florida’s defense has been tough. Florida is the better team in the red zone both offensively and defensively. Florida 20-16.

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      The Gators would have had an excellent chance to take LSU into overtime last year if they had not missed a PAT, and there is no question the Gators are a better team this year. How much better are the Tigers than last year? Their record suggests they are significantly better, but I’m not fully convinced yet. Burrow has made a difference, but his numbers (apart from zero interceptions) are not that impressive overall. The Gators will have to play their most physical game so far this year, but I like their chances if they manage to do so.

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      Arnold Feliciano

      Pat Dooley: LSU 16, Florida 13
      Robbie Andreu: Florida 13, LSU 10
      Graham Hall: Florida 17, LSU 13
      Kyle Bennett, Sun multimedia editor: LSU 26, Florida 21
      Aaron Brand, Sun multimedia editor: LSU 24, Florida 16
      Gatorsports.com: Florida 24, LSU 13
      Guest picker, Brad McClenny, Sun photographer: Florida 20, LSU 14

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