Week 3 – CSU Prediction Thread

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      Gators 28-10.

      How the team responds to a crushing loss says everything about what to expect the rest of the season. There’s still some fight left in this bunch.

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      Al Bundy

      Unless they play better than they did this past Saturday, UF 20, CSU 27. CSU just beat Arkansas last week. They aren’t a push over like some think. They have a very high powered offense. Our Defense doesn’t seem to like to tackle. Until we learn how to stop other offenses, we’re in big big trouble. We may even lose to Vandy if they don’t figure something out. Remember, this was a 2-9 team last year if you take away one lucky hail Mary & 2 plays against UK where they failed to cover receivers. Still the same team, same players for the most part. This is a rebuild and it will take more than 1-2 years.

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      There is no doubt that the Gators need to improve their play. On the other hand, CSU is not on the level of UK (even if they did manage to beat Arkansas at home). The Gators should win if they play anywhere close to their potential. I expect them to do so.

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      Arnold Feliciano

      Robbie Andreu: Florida 31, Colorado State 30
      Pat Dooley: Florida 38, Colorado State 23
      Gatorsports.com: Florida 40, Colorado State 20

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