Week 10 – South Carolina Prediction Thread

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    It was a regressive week with the Gators having the worse game of the year in successive weeks. Nowhere to go but up from here….

    I have no idea what Florida team shows up this week to play Cocky. I’m going with better coaching now in Gainesville for a 21-20 win.

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Pat Dooley: South Carolina 30, Florida 20
    Robbie Andreu: South Carolina 21, Florida 20
    Graham Hall: Florida 30, South Carolina 24
    Kyle Bennett, Sun multimedia editor: Florida 38, South Carolina 10
    Aaron Brand, Sun multimedia editor: Florida 23, South Carolina 20
    Guest picker — Mickie Anderson, Sun Local News Editor: Florida 24, South Carolina 21
    Gatorsports.com: Florida 28, South Carolina 20

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    Using reverse psychology here. USCe 55 Florida 6

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    c0cks 55 UF 12

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    OK, that worked really well. Put me down for the same score next week. Idyho 55 UF 6.

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