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      Seeing improvement and progress each week with the Gator football team. That and winning are some of the signs of good and consistent coaching.

      This game seemed less emotional and more business-like than the last few weeks and games. We can play with anyone if we continue to focus as a team at this level.

      The offensive execution, timing and rhythm was better. That has to carry over and improve for the weeks and games ahead. Our running game has to catch up to our passing capability to make this offense more balanced and potent.

      The defense came through on raw talent in the Miami game. The back end was still coming together for the UK game. This game showed the entire unit is capable of playing at a higher level. Run resistance still needs work. Some of the best SEC offensive lines and running backs are ahead.

      The Tennessee game was a strong outing for the team to build on. This is an important week in the perspective of the remaining schedule. The game day emotional intensity may not be as high this week, but the need for focus on continued across the board improvement is greater.

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      Good overall team performance against an overmatched opponent in UT. Trask’s performance for his first start was excellent. The OL’s performance in the running game was dismal, AGAIN! The defense looked every bit as good as advertised on opening day.

      The Gators get one more tune-up game this weekend, then things will get real. Without a running game, the defense (hopefully) will be up to the task of carrying the offense through the month of October (except maybe vs. the Fighting Chumps.) The only season in this decade THAT came close to happening was 2012 and that defense held up their end of the bargain magnificently, even in the loss to UGA. So, it can happen!

      Can’t help looking past Towson this weekend. Hopefully, the Gators won’t!

      GO GATORS!!!

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      I’m happy with Trask. Not perfect, but he seems to find targets more quickly. We just need to bolster our OLine more.

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        Joe Shiver

        Nice, concise assessment. Very “pithy”, as Bill O’Reilly would say.

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