UF's path to national championship still there

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      With the Toilet Drinking Bullfrogs of Georgia’s hiccup this past Saturday, the upcoming showdown in Jax will be as big as it gets, but avoiding the Mush trap at SC next week is critical, and of course winning out vs. Vandy and Mizzou. In that scenario, a win in Jax would assure a SEC championship appearance, and if LSU wins out – which everyone should be hoping – a neutral site game will be a better match-up, a chance for revenge, and a great shot at securing a NC championship playoff berth.

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      Love to get another shot at LSU… I think 🙂

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      Hope is a good thing. However, this year’s Gator team is not, in my opinion, a national title team. Maybe 11-2. Next year, however, I expect them to challenge for the spot in the final four.

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        Sly Sylvester

        Herbie now has UF as the favorite to win the SEC East in place of UGA.

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        Joe Shiver

        You’re right that this team doesn’t appear to be a national championship caliber team, but then I didn’t the ’06 team was championship caliber until halftime of the championship game. As long as there’s hope, I’ll cling to it. The Gators have lost one game, so I’ll hope for a one-loss season. If and when they lose the second game, I’ll hope for a two-loss season, etc., etc. I just hope I don’t have to go past the first etc.

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      This team obviously has some critical flaws that have to be overcome with recruiting. If heart and desire could take you to the top, they would be on an express. What great effort they gave in Baton Rouge. Fourth quarter, on the road in the SEC, shows the cruel reality of your depth and talent. Injuries really caught up with the Gators on Saturday night in one of the worst possible places.

      The SEC East is still in our grasp and Georgia obviously can be beat in Jax. I’m OK with loving a gutsy team that can pull off the stunner. It’s just doing that consistently that may be a problem this season in some of the biggest games against top talent.

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        Injuries to our two best pass rushers definitely hampered what was a tremendous effort, but some non-calls also hurt. One of their O-lineman’s arm looked to be around a pass rusher’s neck on one of Burrow’s TD throws, a couple drive altering pass interferences went uncalled, and the end zone hit on Jefferson’s TD catch warranted an ejection. Hitting a defenseless player in the spine while they are already going down is dangerous; definitely a personal foul, at least.

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      I’m not as pessimistic as some about the Gators’ chances to win the SEC. With a healthy DL, the Gators can NOW trade punches with both LSU and Alabama, neither of which has a very impressive defense either. They just can’t lose another QB.

      Winning a NC will additionally involve beating two of the following four: Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. That will be a tough gig for ANY team from the SEC.

      Here’s to hoping the Gators put the tough loss Saturday night behind them and refocus all their attention on the upside left to the regular season. Suddenly, UGA doesn’t look as imposing as they did in August. So, winning the East and a one-loss regular season have become more realistic goals. After THAT, we’ll just have to see.

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      Maybe we should just focus on winning the SEC-East and then the SEC first?

      I agree c Catrick — this is not an national title team (yet). Then again, stranger things have happened and if anyone keep can pulling rabbits out of hats, it’s sure ’nuff Dan Mullen.

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        After 7 games with 1 loss, a top ten ranking, and one tough game, plus 3 very winnable games remaining, UF is most definitely a national title contender.

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        Your outlook is optimistically realistic 6!

        Another way to look at the magnitude of the challenge the Gators face as NC title contenders is to consider what what they MUST accomplish:

        1. Go 5-0 to finish the regular season, beating UGA and Mizzou away from The Swamp (Not a breeze, but now very doable.)
        2. Beat LSU or Alabama in Atlanta (Darned difficult, but now possible.)
        3. Beat 2 of the remaining Top 4 teams in the nation on back-to-back weeks (Highly unlikely, but statistically possible.)

        I’m a betting guy and am willing to lay 10 to 1 odds against THIS Gator team being good enough to make those 3 things happen. Next season the odds get much better!

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      If Florida can get to the SEC Championship game, I like our chances against LSU or Bama if we can stay healthy. Both LSU and Bama still have tough teams to deal with for the rest of the season. Beat Georgia and this season could turn into one of those magical season no one could predict. My wish is to beat Georgia then beat LSU in a rematch.

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        Our old pal, Joe Shiver, has exactly the right attitude. Probabilities say no, but I’ve been on too many missions where the odds were the same way. Those two missing men are the deal makers, and so is Trask. What we cannot do is stand there all night and trade 1:1 touchdowns without them in the game. I’m thinking of StL’s comment the other day about last summer and where we hoped to be by now…..we’re there. OK, I don’t live full time in the world of possibilities, but I’m willing to visit there now and then. Go Gators!

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      Even with a “one game at a time” approach this would be one of the biggest of the season. The winner of this game gets in the fast lane to the conference championship game.

      Winning the East is first on the board. This week Georgia is in the way.

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