UF's path to national championship still there, Part II

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      Adjusting to bad weather and field conditions, and decisively closing out an opponent on its home field is how a national championship contender wins games that are supposed to be won. Time to heal up then gear up for UF’s biggest game in the post-Tebow era.

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      Roger that. We get the defense healed up and playing together, the offense has good practices, and they don’t let Georgia beat them in their head before the first snap…..we pass go. We’re close. If not this year, Year 2, then next or shortly thereafter.

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      The Gators find themselves where we all hoped they’d be after 8 games this season, battling UGA for the SEC East poll position. This season’s Gator edition is better equipped for that battle than last season’s. It also helps that this season’s edition of the ugly dawgs appears to be more poorly equipped for the battle than last season’s. That sets up a potentially epic Cocktail Party!

      After that, we’ll just have to see how the rest of the season plays out.

      GO GATORS!!!

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      While I agree that this Florida team could win it all, the odds say it ain’t happening this year. But I do love this team’s fight and no quit attitude. I just don’t think Mullen has the ”depth” needed (other than receiver) to beat the likes of Clemson, Ohio State, or an Oklahoma.
      But I didn’t think the Gators could slow down that Oklahoma team in 2008, so what do I know?
      I know this, just win out Gators, and we’ll all find out! Chomp-chomp!
      Go Gators! Just win baby!

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        If Zuniga, Greenard, and K. Toney get back in the lineup, the depth will be there, and the odds improve significantly.

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      You can’t coach depth.

      I’ll take right where we are going into a bye week before Georgia. All our goals are still achievable by just winning our remaining games.

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      Lack of depth may be a long-term problem for the Gators this season. So is lack of a reliable running game IF they win the SECC and make the playoffs. However, neither will be a significant problem for the Cocktail Party.

      The Gator offense is going to turn that game into a track meet, like the LSU game, and the Ugly Dawgs won’t be able to keep up. Their receivers are not up to that level of competition and the Gator D should have their star DEs back to slow down the Dawg running game and pressure Jake Fromm.

      This has the potential to be the sort of Cocktail Party that will remind us of the SOS Fun-n-Gun days. I have to admit, I never saw THAT coming when this season began.

      GO GATORS!!!

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      True that StLGator. Understandable with this receiving corps. A quick count, pass-oriented offense is working for Trask, with draw plays to slow the rush.

      It’s understandable that Georgia would look to blitz and drop into coverage, more so than load the box.

      Put Emery Jones in as spread/Wildcat quarterback and the dynamic changes considerably. Don’t be surprised when Mullen goes to the bull pen for the Bulldogs.

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      All the negative might be well and true. From the very start the biggest concern was the running game ala the starting five. But it feels damn good to be able to discuss the possibilities when we are sitting here towards the end of October. We may not win it all, but it is possible. If we heal up and execute, we can beat LSU in the SEC Championship. Heading into the cocktail party, 7-1 this year feels much better than 6-1 last year.

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        Georgia can blitz Trask at their own peril. He and his OL and receivers practice every day vs. one of the best blitzing Ds in the nation. Checking off to hot receivers is already part of their repertoire. We saw it vs. LSU.

        Also, Georgia putting fewer defenders in the box will create opportunities for RBs to break long runs, like Pierce did vs. USCe last week.

        Lastly, Jones should get as many plays as possible, without disrupting the overall momentum of the offense. After all, we’re one Trask twisted ankle away from Jones being our starter. However, whether from the wildcat or standard spread formation, he must present the D a credible threat to pass in order for his running to be effective.

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          Sly Sylvester

          During the LSU game, Mullen threw caution to the wind by playing and running Jones often. Perhaps it was because of the magnitude of the game and he went all in. Then for the USC game, he went back to managing risk by not running the quarterbacks because of the lack of depth at QB. It will be interesting how Mullen will play his hand against UGA. I suspect you will be correct as Mullen will again go all in by running Jones often. No need to manage risk with a game that decides the post season on the line.

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            I just hope that if CDM goes back to giving Jones more plays vs. UGA, he calls for Jones to throw passes on at least 60% of those plays, since the Gators have roughly been 50/50 on their run/pass play ratio so far this season. That change should surprise the Dawgs.

            UGA’s front 7 will be biased toward stopping Jones runs because that’s been what he’s mostly done to date. That means they’ll be susceptible to his passes off RPO plays.

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      The problem for Jones would be reading coverages. He has the ability to make all the throws.
      He’s not that far behind Trask with the overall offense, especially when you consider what he adds as a runner.

      Trask will rightfully get the start against Georgia and most of the minutes. All the historical comparisons with the Leak/Tebow tandem will require more playing time from Emory Jones in some key game situations. The Georgia game is the ideal setting to deliver.

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