UF's path to national championship still there, Epilogue

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      Absent Ga. losses to Auburn and A&M, and UF running the table, it’s gone.

      The most important game since the NC vs. OK, necessitated total physical and mental preparedness. Heads were not in that game.

      So once again – like it has been in so many would be or should have been UF championship seasons over the last four decades – it’s always something.

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      Yup, but in context it really is only Year 2 of CDM.

      Had the Gators won an NC this year, it would have been big news around Hogtown while the rest of the nation yawned and UCF went to the Supreme Court to claim it as theirs.

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      We are a year away in many regards, none more than depth. There’s been times the team has played at a high level which hides some of the shortcomings. The better teams expose our weaknesses.

      Rather than a letdown, I thought the team played at a high level for Georgia and just fell short on a couple of plays on offense and defensive. Under Dan Mullen we will continue to improve and be more competitive. We are definitely on the rise again in Gainesville.

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        Agreed on a couple plays being the difference. One sack, or better yet, one turnover, and that 24-17 score is flipped. Just another illustration of what has made it so frustrating since coming to UF in 1980 – which kind of frustration could be heard in M. & M.’s voices during the radio call – and leads me back to saying every year they fall short, it’s always something.

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      2017 – Dawgs by 35
      2018 – Dawgs by 19
      2019 – Dawgs by 7

      Does anyone else see a trend there?

      GO GATORS!!!

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        I think so:
        2020 — Dawgs by 3
        2021 — Dawgs by 1
        2022 — ?

        Sorry, bud — couldn’t resist. The devil made me do it. 😈

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        Sly Sylvester

        I get what you are saying and I agree that the program is improving under Mullen. However, I question the choice of a narrow set of data points to prove the point. I think we won in 14, 15, and 16 which wasn’t included. Yet, both coaches during those earlier years got fired. But Mullen, who haven’t beaten UGA, is currently very popular. In 17, there were reports that the coaches and players knew before the game that McElwain will be fired after the game which undoubted affected their performance in the UGA game and the rest of the season. To be fair, I’d put an asterisk on that year because that season’s record is on the administration for firing a coach mid-season. So good point but not sure about the choice of data to prove it.

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      To keep miracle scenario alive, UF must lay a savage mashing on Mizzou. 56-0 victory vs. Vandy dropped us from the top 10, which is rubbish. UF would thrash a combined Oregon/Utah team. Neither of them should be ranked ahead. Had Mizzou marked as a trap game at season’s outset. Weather may be a factor. Running game will be critical.

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      Weather, and everything but Aub. v. Ga., went UF’s way. Got ground yardage when needed, a couple dropped interceptions, with solid tackling and stifling shut down defense worthy of a top 10 ranking. Will likely get a New Year’s 6 bowl bid, which is good, but with the exception of 4 years over the last 4 decades, this year has proven one more time, it’s always something.

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      There’s always something to appreciate in the journey. That doesn’t happen in a single season.

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        Sure, but there have been many seasons over the last 40 that fell short of what they ought to have been. Instead of 4 NC’s (counting the one stolen away in 1984), UF should have and could have had 10, but it’s always something.

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