UF's bowl and opponent?

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      Maybe the Orange vs. Notre Dame or Wisc. Would like a king sized can of one sided whup ass opened on Notre Dame (Our Lady), about whom I am not sure exactly what is Irish. Shouldn’t they be the Fighting Frenchmen?

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      The Gators will go to one of the following bowls in order of likelihood:

      1. The Orange Bowl vs. contractually mandated UVA, or Clemson (if hell freezes over and UVA wins the ACCC next Saturday.)
      2. The Cotton Bowl vs. contractually mandated highest ranked Group of 5 champ Memphis (if they beat Cinci next Saturday, or Boise St. if Cinci wins.)
      3. The Sugar Bowl vs. Big 12 Champ Oklahoma or Baylor (in the highly unlikely event that UGA wins the SECC next Saturday and both UGA and LSU make the CFP.)
      4. The Citrus Bowl vs. Minnesota (if hell freezes over and Wisconsin wins the Big 10 CC next Saturday, Oklahoma wins the Big 12 CC and the Committee ranks Bama ahead of UF) In this unlikely scenario, Oklahoma goes to the CFP, Baylor contractually goes to the Sugar vs. UGA, Ohio St. goes to the Orange vs. UVA Bama goes to the Cotton vs. Memphis and the Gators get the Orlando shaft.

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        Sounds a little like one of the old Prof. Irwin Corey scenarios, and all are underwhelming, except playing Clemson, but they will likely go to the CFP as an undefeated conference champ and defending national champ. Still want to see a lop sided mashing of the Fighting Frenchmen, so their coach is fired, and U. Meyer can stop pretending he is retired, again.

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        At #7, it seems impossible UF will not be in a Big 6 game against another top 10 team, or a big draw like the Fighting Frenchmen.

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      Assuming the favorites ALL win their CC games on Saturday, Oklahoma will land the 4th CFP slot by beating 1-loss Baylor. 1-loss Utah will end up in the Rose Bowl opposite 2-loss Minnesota. 2-loss Baylor will face 2-loss UGA in the Sugar Bowl and 2-loss Penn St. will land in the Cotton Bowl vs. 1-loss Memphis.

      The 2-loss Gators will end up ranked ahead of both 2-loss Bama and 2-loss ND and land in the Orange Bowl vs. Virginia. Oregon and Wisky will both drop to 3 losses each, and along with 3-loss Auburn will have no valid NY-6 bowl claims. And poor, poor 2-loss Bama and ND will BOTH get NY-6 shafted… for a change!!!

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        Now that makes perfect sense, StL……I’ve had a gut feeling all this week that it might be Virginia. Then again, it could be just ___.

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      Virginia as a bowl opponent would be an insult to UF, whose 2nd string would beat them handily. They will lose by at least three to four touchdowns to Clemson, who is eager cement a CFP spot. Vandy would give them a good game. If it’s not a top 10 opponent for UF, or a big name program like the Fighting Frenchmen, it’s an insult.

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        Always something, I agree with you… BUT… the Orange Bowl is contractually obligated to take the ACC champ, unless said champ makes the CFP, whereupon the Orange Bowl is obligated to take the 2nd best ACC team, which this year, sadly, is Virginia.

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          BTW, if hell freezes over and UVA beats Clemson on Saturday, UVA will be declared ACC champs and end up in the Orange Bowl anyway. So, the Orange Bowl is cursed with Virginia this year, no matter what happens in the ACCC game.

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            There has to be a better scenario. Even a re-match with lower ranked Michigan in a less optimal venue would be better.

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        Look on the bright side. The Gators will get another “home game” in prime South Florida recruiting country to flex their newfound passing offense and killer D in front of all those potential recruits that CDM’s staff will be able to visit with while they’re down there for bowl practices.

        It’ll also be a practical guarantee the Gators will improve on 2018’s 10-win season while getting the prestige of being invited to back-to-back NY-6 bowls, something else the Gators haven’t done since ‘08-‘09.

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          All good points, but at 10-2, and ranked #7 with losses in competitive games against two other top ten teams, being relegated to playing a team that might come in 5th in the SEC East is still a letdown.

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            At this point, Michigan won’t do any more for the Gators’ final poll standing than Virginia. Neither will Wisky.

            BTW, the other viable option would be for the Gators to go to the Cotton Bowl vs. Memphis or Boise State, while Penn St. faces Virginia in the Orange Bowl. IMHO, this option is even less desirable by shipping the Gators to Texas, away from their fan base and recruits in South Florida vs. an opponent that’s no more attractive than Virginia.

            Face it, the Gators must just close out 2019 strong and focus all their energy on landing in the CFP in 2020.

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      Close out strong for sure, but against a major national recruiting rival, like Michigan or Penn State, not bit players like Memphis State or Virginia, who should be playing each other in the Liberty Bowl.

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      Hoping UF will be dealt a better hand today than being relegated to a game against a second tier conference champ, or a four loss ACC team barely in the top 25, if at all, that got blown out in its conference championship, and that would be hard pressed to finish in the SEC East’s top 5.

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      So, as has been the case many years in the last 40, when it comes to UF football getting its due, it’s always something.

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        You shouldn’t end this topic on such a downer! It’s much better to “look at the glass as half-full.”

        The Gators just landed in a NY-6 bowl for the 2nd year in a row, right in the heart of Florida recruiting territory, as the Canes and Semis got banished to Shreveport and El Paso. The Gators will almost surely improve on last year’s 10-3 record, as the other two may finish under 500… again. Believe me, THAT outcome will NOT be lost on recruits!

        The bonus gift to the Gators came from the CFP Committee’s desperate need to justify a more “equitable” distribution of top 10 finishes among the various Power 5 conference champs and NY-6 bowl participants. With their bald-faced diss to the SEC, they’ve managed to provide UF, Alabama and Auburn all the motivation they’ll need to “show up” and kick the stuffing out of their bowl opponents!

        We Gator fans will just need to exercise a little patience. 2019 will end as well as possible for a season in which CDM continued rebuilding the Gators from the ashes of the dumpster fire McElwhiner left them in.

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          Everything you say is true, but given their better record than last year, the logical expectation is UF would get as good or better an opponent as last year. This business of deciding bowl match-ups based on contractual consideration must go. Why can’t Virginia play Iowa State, and the Fighting Frenchmen play UF? Better for fans, ratings, and college football’s overall standing in the American sports pantheon.

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            It’s sad, but nevertheless true, that the world is the way it is and not the way we’d prefer it to be. Maybe, bowl matchups will improve after the current CFP TV contract runs out in 2025 if, God forbid, they expand the playoff field to eight teams.

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              Reality must be accepted, yes. But must it be liked? No. Such an insult should not be forgotten soon, and if the chance ever arises to fix the little red wagons of those responsible, it should be taken.

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      It seems to me that the next CFP contract should expand to eight teams and using the NY6 bowls as playoff sites rotating for the first and second rounds. The championship game could rotate among the NY6 locations or other bid sites.

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        The experiment is already under way. Beginning this season the CFP Championship Game will be played 2 weeks after the two playoff semi-finals. Beginning in January 2022, the CFP Championship venue will rotate around the country and be played in cities/stadiums that have no ties with NY-6 bowls (Indianapolis, L.A. and Houston.)

        All that sets the table for a rotation of 4 NY-6 bowls hosting round 1 playoffs and the other 2 hosting round 2, beginning in the 2025/26 season.

        I’m prepared RIGHT NOW to bet there will be some ESPN talking heads that first year making passionate cases that some team ranked 9th or lower (like Utah) should have made the playoff field.

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      Harder fought victory than anticipated last night, but nice way to cap off a pretty good season. Noticed K. Toney barely played. Is he still hurt, or in the doghouse? Want to see someone with his skills get the ball as much as possible, and certainly not in the transfer porthole.

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        Toney has a serious problem he needs to solve this spring and summer. He’s too small to be a RB and hasn’t learned to run disciplined routes and catch passes downfield like a complete WR. That combination limits what CDM can do with him to jet sweeps, bubble screens and an occasional wildcat QB play.

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          Been wondering about KT as well. He’s on a lot of 2021 mock drafts for the 1st round, but he doesn’t seem to ever be utilized. I noticed Trask look him off a couple of times as the first option and go to the second. He obviously saw the coverage on him and saw a better gain, which they were with the second option….I think one ended up being a TD. Something though seems to be keeping Mullen from putting the ball in his hands more often. I can’t say anything about the discipline on routes as i’ve never really watched for that or heard anything about it, but I know that whenever he has even just a sliver of space, he typically gets 7+ yards at a time. I have no problem using him as a decoy from time to time too, but I would think that you have to set that up with usage first. Hopefully he’s able to stay healthy next year and get more reps. It’ll definitely be nice to have Grimes back for another year….for both him and the team.

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            Corey, I haven’t heard anything official about KT either, but I’m an old engineer by training and experience. So, I always look at the world logically and rationally. That especially includes noting what I DON’T see.

            My view on CDM’s infrequent use of KT is based on the Sherlock Holmes concept of “the dog that didn’t bark.” CDM is “the dog” here, and he loves to get his playmakers “spread out” all over the field and get them the ball “in space.” IF KT, as a WR, could run precise sideline square-outs or skinny post patterns, get open AND catch the ball, we would have seen him do it already, FREQUENTLY. That we haven’t seen such plays from KT implies (to me) that he has a problem doing those things and is limited to doing only what we’ve seen him do.

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              Think he has potential to be a persistent scoring threat like P. Harvin, and that using him and Jones together might create big play chances.

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              StL, I feel that is a very clear and sufficient evaluation from someone not in practice or on the sidelines. I completely can go along with that. I would think that the quick slant that Trask and Jefferson hooked up on so much this year would be ideal for a player like KT, along with the bubble screens (that of course needs a little bit of blocking for him), but if his hands are an issue on that route or he just doesn’t run it as clean and strong as Jefferson did (could become Grimes bread and butter route this next year), then there may not be much usage for him. I always wondered why there was so little use of him in the wildcat, but probably while he was out injured, Emory Jones improved enough to essentially take that role from KT. Dan Mullen is an offensive mastermind, and i’m sure that he’ll find new and creative ways to get KT invovled next year. Always believed that it was Mullen and not so much Meyer that made the UF powerhouse of those years happen. Mullen was the one that made things work for Chris Leak, and what happened to the offense and team after he left for Miss. St.? Those couple of years pretty much speak for themselves. Feel that the UF football program is headed in a very upward direction and hopefully Stricklin will hold on to Mullen longer than Miss. St. was able to.

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              Toney is “cursed” with tremendous potential and a golden opportunity. Let’s see what he does with them.

              IF he learns to run precise routes and catch the ball on the dead run, something he’s yet to show us he can do under game conditions, he would become the starting slot receiver. Kyle Pitts will then either split plays with him or bulk up and remain a TE. Grimes and Copeland will be the split ends because they already have that skill set well honed.

              Imagine what Trask will be to do with those four going at max potential?

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      Joe Shiver

      The problem with Toney is “where” you have to get him the ball. As StL noted, he’s not good at getting open and catching the ball downfield, so he has to get the ball near, or behind, the los.

      The problem comes when there is no initial room to run. Instead of planting his foot, turning upfield and getting whatever he can, he makes moves, breaks tackles, retreats, breaks more tackles, retreats again, and sometimes gets tackled for a big loss. A less elusive back would simply get tackled for no gain or a very short loss. His elusiveness, improperly used, brings trouble, and until Mullen trusts him completely, he’s only going to get a couple of touches a game.

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        Totally agree there Joe. KT can sometimes be his own worst enemy behind the LOS. Instinct just takes over and he does what comes naturally, but SEC defenders are just as fast and quick as he is. And defenders have the advantage of knowing where he ultimately must go.

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      With Perine running all over the filed with our WRs, KT just wasn’t needed. His best potential with the team may be as a kick returner and slot receiver. Sharpen up those routes and KT could get the ball in space where he needs it.

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        Practice, practice, practice his receiving skills and put another 10 lbs. of muscle on that skinny body is what KT should do between now and opening day in September. There are golden opportunities waiting for him at slot receiver and punt returner that could turn him into a Day 1 draft choice next year.

        However, he first has to agree that another year with the Gators will be worth more to his future than declaring for the draft now.

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      I’m super hopeful for KT and really wish that he’ll make the right decision to stay for another year because otherwise, it’d be a huge waste of his talent in the long run in my opinion.

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