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    I think that there needs to be some stringent rules around the transfer portal. If a player accepts a scholarship to a school they should not be able to enter the transfer portal until their Junior or Senior year. Right now these kids take a scholarship and if they don’t play right away or get their feelings hurt they just transfer. Now if there is some extenuating circumstance maybe they can transfer. If not the only way to transfer is to pay the school the cost that it would have spent on a 4 year education.

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    Island Gator, I agree that there needs ”to be some stringent rules around the transfer portal,” but I also see the unfairness of a Head Coach leaving university ‘X’, and then coaching another team in just a matter of months, or even days. The college players today have to be treated similarly, in my opinion. However, the players’ ability to up and leave a school after months, even years, of recruiting them is the quandary now in college football recruiting.

    Many kids today are not like most born and raised Gators of yesterday, Gators for life! And the inclination of home state loyalty/pride has come and gone, unfortunately. Now it’s schools like Clemson showing off their ”football only complex” to born and raised Floridian players, who then sign with schools like Clemson (out of state). Today’s unloyalty factor amongst high school kids to their homestate is the reason the ”transfer portal” will become yet another hurdle for college coaches to jump over in the dog eat dog world of college football recruiting.

    I am perplexed though when I see some in Gator Nation questioning a Head Coach like Dan Mullen, who has 10 years of Head Coaching experience, 2 National Championships as an O.C., and coached a Q.B. to a Heisman trophy. Unfortunately, many of those Gator fans take the actions of kids that should still be in high school, like a Steele and/or a Jaylon Jones, and other recruits that haven’t even started their junior year in high school, as an indictment against Coach Mullen’s abilitly to lead a program like Florida back to greatness.

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    I disagree with making rules more stringent for transfers.

    There’s a lot of money in college football for TV, advertisers and the schools. Most of these kids will only get an education. That should be from any school that will provide it to them for life, limb and playing time they provide.

    A transfer can be good for the team. Lets get down to those that want to wear the orange and blue.

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    As a fan, I never want to see our players transfer. As an American, I cant stand the thought of not allowing a guy to leave any time he wants. The coach for Miami took the Temple job, then quit and took the Miami job without ever coaching one game. I would like to see them just stick to the one year sitting out rule, to at least slow down the movement. As for Mullen, he still has to prove that he can win a championship as a head coach (and it looks more and more like he will need to beat GA with less talent).

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    I think all of guys have very valid positions. But I do think that agreeing to accept a scholarship is in many the same as signing an NFL contract “you can just walk away”. And yes I know they don’t get paid directly but there is much money invested in a college player.

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    The problem with the transfer portal is not the transfer portal itself, but the willingness of the NCAA to grant a waiver for the 1-year sitting out for any reason (excuse) given by a player. The NCAA is looking to level out the playing field by introducing free agency into college football. One could argue that is fair given that Universities are only obligated for one year at a time in their honoring a scholarship not the entire 4 years when the recruit signs the letter of intent. Also, it is only fair for players to leave given the free agency for coaches. Regardless, coaches must adapt to the new free agency or become extinct,

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    I agree with everything you said Mexi!! I wish they would either do away with the sitting out rule, or do away with the waivers. It’s entirely random now, and the one law firm is making a mockery out of the system.

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    Absolutely agree with the NCAA just handing out exemptions to transfers that probably shouldn’t get one. If a coach leaves while the student-athlete is there, or even before he/she gets there, then yes. If the student-athlete graduates and then wants to try somewhere new, then yes with the graduate transfer, since that doesn’t hurt a school’s graduation rate total. If a student-athlete has a serious family issue to bring him/her closer to home for his/her family, then yes, since that’d be better than them feeling like they would just simply quit. If a student-athlete is just not happy where he/she is at, or his/her lack of playing time or personal progress, then no, they should have to sit out the year. That seems more of a selfish choice that puts a strain on the other members of that program, whereas one of the other situations is more of an uncontrollable reason for leaving. Basically, I think there were always this many student-athletes moving around in the past, but the public creation of the transfer portal, with the graduate transfer rule, has made it seem like more because any Joe Schmoe can see everyone who is looking to leave the current school he/she is at, where before people just really knew about their own favorite school, rival school, or high-profile athletes….if it was written about.

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    Corey, I think you might be right about the amount of kids transferring. At least with the portal there can be more clarity about the kids that are looking around instead of a 3rd party asking.

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    The transfer portal giveth and the transfer portal taketh away. We shouldn’t overlook the fact that Jefferson, Grimes and Greenard allcame to the Gators courtesy of transfers (before there was an “official” portal.)

    I believe players should be allowed to freely transfer if they’re not happy with their situations at a particular university. I sincerely doubt starters who are happy in a stable, competitive program will request a transfer when there’s not much to be gained from that disruption to their lives. So, it becomes a valuable tool for guys riding the bench, or guys caught up in difficult situations, or after regime changes.

    On the other hand, the transfer portal creates a great opportunity for a good coaching staff to pick up missing puzzle pieces right after spring practice ends. Who believes the Gators would have done as well as they did in 2018 WITHOUT Jefferson and Grimes???

    Just saying… GO GATORS!!!

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