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    This post based upon this link:

    I’m not aware that the Dawgs have any recent win streak going against Florida, and I hope they continue underestimating the Gators. Until they replicate what Spurrier did to them, they should shut their pie hole!!!

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    It’s OK Doc, let them get the big head listening to all the experts handing the East to them before a game is played.

    As we both know, anything can happen in that game. Sure Georgia is going to be good. The continuity of coaching and top 20 recruiting classes have been there with only Richt and now Smart guiding the program since 2001. It was an ideal situation to have a defensive-minded coach take-over an offensively super-charged program with the best stable of RBs in the conference and country.

    I’m curious how that plays out for Georgia this year. Don’t underestimate the impact of shifting from reliance on a low-risk, run-first offense.

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    100% agree, Mtn!

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    ”Gator bait? Please. Florida must wait.” -Dawg Nation article.
    Now ”chew on this” U.G.A. fans. The only continued success the ”Dawgs” have had over Florida Football, since I was a ”20 yr. old” (30 years now) was when U.F hired a ”former Dawg”, Will Muschamp, that’s it!
    So I wonder if Coach Mullen still thinks this U.F/U.G.A. rivalry is a ”healthy one”? LOL!
    Like Florida Coach Spurrier said in the 90’s, ”They say, ‘Georgia keeps out recruiting us in the rankings’, but we still keep BEATING THEM!”
    History repeats itself, Dawgs! And your ”dog has already had its day.” Chomp-Chomp!
    Go Gators!

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    They’ve won 7 times vs UF since 1989. Zero national titles since 1980. Heck, Gators have won 6 of the last 10, and the past 8 yrs have been horrid in Gainesville.

    I never EVER understand these Dwag fans. If I were a UGA fan, I’d shut up until my team DID something other than had 1 good year.

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    Let them play with the pressure of living up to expectations.

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    Black Dahlia

    Dawg fans on their current high would do well to remember that in the past decade they got beat by some crappy Gator teams with terrible coaches.

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    Let’s hope they get by a good gator team led by a great QB. Longing for the days when the expectations were high and the guys delivered!

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    History has a tendency to repeat itself sometimes. Georgia went into the 2008 season ranked #1. They beat us the year before. We had a better 2007 season than we did last year, but the 2007 defense was one of the worst I have ever seen at Florida. Georgia had the world’s greatest QB, running backs, defense, receivers. It was supposed to be a can’t miss team. No excuses. We beat them so badly the Georgia fans didn’t even stop at Famous Amos or Huddle House on the way out of Jacksonville. The City lost money.This feels a lot like 2008.You never know.

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