Thoughts on 3 quarters of Zaire?

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      Graham Hall

      Now that we’ve seen what Zaire brings to Florida’s offense, how does everyone feel? Do you think Franks gives the Gators a better shot? How much do you think Malik Davis’s absence hurts the team?

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      1. Feel numb.
      2. Wouldn’t matter.
      3. No.

      I don’t think Tom Brady would make a difference on this team right now. Hopefully they will find the right coach sooner than later and begin to rebuild. It’s time to turn the page.

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      Florida football = POS

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      Is there anyway to cut the TV feed to the nation now? THIS IS HORRIBLE. WAY TO GO GATORS.

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      Al Bundy

      Zaire is no better than Franks, and Franks is just a redshirt Freshman so at least he has an excuse for sucking.

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      It seems highly improbable that every quarterback that is recruited by Florida or transfers here is bad, especially when some of them go on to have decent careers after they transfer out or in the NFL (Hello Jacoby). It seems more likely to me that they are just poorly coached when they are here.

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      If he was not running some read option we were not properly using him.

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      He seemed to move the team better than Franks had managed in the previous games, but they were also playing a very poor defense. Franks also moved the team when he came in, but at a meaningless time in the game. I would say that Zaire probably earned a chance to start again, but I also think that this team has a chance to lose all of its remaining games. Right now, they are simply a very bad football team.

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      The offense has not come together, it starts with the line. There were too many penalties.

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      This team and us fans have been fooling ourselves on this defense. We’ve been worrying about QB and the offense and assuming the defense was ok. But this game was lost by a team effort and our defense stinks right now. We can’t stop a good running team with a good back–Mich, LSU, Georgia. Kentucky and Mizz exposed our pass defense. But I think the D will be better next year. We are young there and hopefully our ends will come back for a better year than they have showed this year so far.

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      Hank Moody

      Go with Franks he has a future. MZ is not the answer and I do not like his sideline antics…drama queen he is

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      He looks like he got one third of the reps after the Orange and Blue game just like the other two. I think they should have made a decision then and developed one of the three.

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      There is just something strange about Franks and I don’t think Randy likes him. This isn’t what I would consider a team leader. He was pulled from the game and Coach Mac even commented about his behavior here. Something like “act like you’ve been there before.” Franks

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