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    I’ll say it.

    Coach Mac was a good coach that for the most part, dealt well with a lot of adversity and bad circumstances in his two and some seasons in Gainesville.

    Losing Will Grier was a significant hit to our offensive fortunes, yet we won the division. He coached Florida back to the division title game last season with a strong defense and patchwork offense. Not so easy with a graduate transfer QB.

    Offensively, this season was crippled before it started with the loss of the leading rusher and receiver to credit card fraud. Then we lose Del Rio to injury, who was probably playing a game or two sooner than he should have been coming back from off-season surgery.

    Those are the kind of things that can happen to make or break a season and a coaching career. I believe the Florida program is better off for his time here, especially facilities. He was right to fight for all the upgrades and additions, to keep our program on par with other schools.

    It didn’t work out at Florida, but I appreciate the things Coach Mac accomplished while here.

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    In my opinion, ”Losing Will Grier…” & ”Offensively, this season was crippled before it started with the loss of the leading rusher and receiver to credit card fraud…”
    Were BOTH preventable situations that an old proverb could have prevented if we’re honest,
    “And ounce of PREVENTION is worth a POUND of cure!”
    GO Gators!

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      No, not at all, if we’re honest. We’re going to disagree on the ability for any coach to “prevent” moral and legal issues from affecting the nearly hundred or so people who make up their teams.

      Will Grier and the nine players did not live with Coach Mac. He’s only with them for a few hours on some days. They have to take responsibility for themselves, their actions (which they knew were wrong) and lack of judgement that hurt the team.

      What reasonable “ounce of prevention” was not applied to these situations? Hindsight is always 20/20.

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    I won’t miss his lack of credibility. He got paid royally so I don’t feel sorry for him. I hope he lands on his feet well and learns something about life and coaching from his time here.I hope he succeeds at his next job.

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    I really like coach Mac, but I agree with mtn. A coach cannot watch his players 24/7. Yet he did tell the parents that he would watch over their kids and then did not. IMHO, a lot of the problems could have been solved with greater discipline.

    Just telling a player to stay out of trouble does not work when you are trying to be their best friend because they will push ten envelope. A an employer as well as a parent, I am friendly to my staff and I love my kids, but I separate my responsibilities to my company and family from that friendship. I don’t believe Mac did that. He continually told us how great this or that win was, how much fun it was or how proud he was of the team, but he did not seem to have the answers.

    In the short time Shannon has had, I noted that he has brought constructive criticism to the table and I am already feeling better about this team.

    I also wish coach Mac the best for the future. Now, let’s win out!

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    Mnt2top, since it’s a ”forum”, I will spell it out…

    #1: Grier should have been DRUG TESTED more frequently, as should all of U.F.’s starters that control your destiny as a Head Coach (Mac), and as a team (keeping all your starters eligible).
    #2: ‘”Debit card and/or (U.F card) monitoring”, sign the RELEASE when you get your ”FLORIDA FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP”: ”We will MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNT AND WATCH IT FOR ANY UNUSUAL ACTION -as long as we are responsible for you.”
    Again, ”A pound of PREVENTION is worth a POUND of CURE!”
    But if you want to blame ”young people and bad choices”, free-will!
    And God knows I have my own list of ”bad choices”… but we aren’t talking about me.
    Go Gators!

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      I understand and respect your viewpoint. I have a different perspective about young athletes and teaching civic and personal responsibility as a parent, employer and past youth coach.

      Your approach may work for prison inmates but not college students on football scholarship. For many reasons, you will not find a single college football program that employs your “cure.”

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      The credit card issue is more on the school and bookstore IMO. How lax must their CC screening be that anyone can just walk in with a number – NOT AN ACTUAL CARD – and get credit added to their account. Oh sure, it’s a school bookstore, and parents would probably want to add money to their kids accounts fairly regularly. But that should require the parent to call and go through standard phone CC screening. Where I come from, heads would have been rolling for allowing such obvious fraud to pass through unchecked.

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    Swamp Donkey

    Thanks for leaving quickly.

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    If half of the negative things that I have heard about his relationship with his boss and the AD organization are true I am quite happy to have him gone. I don’t really blame him for a QB who took illegal substances or those idiots that committed criminal actions. I do blame him for not adapting his offense to the talents and abilities of the players he had and for a lack of development of players and not improving his assistants, but rather insisting we will get it fixed. Finally he admitted he did not do his job as required, not just in coaching. The idiotic death threats situation and not taking GA seriously ended his career at UF. Since I don’t personally know him, I don’t care what success he might have in the future, he should be set for life after making all that money.

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    What Alex said. I was all on board for keeping him around for another couple years until I discovered all the behind the scenes stuff going on. So if all that is true, then thx for nothing in my opinion because we didn’t progress, but instead stayed the same or maybe even regressed!

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    Al Bundy

    Thanks for being stupid and getting yourself axed Mac. You couldn’t have done Gator Nation a bigger favor.

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    david smith

    McElwain came in and ran everything Muschamp did. They are/were cut from the same cloth. One might be offensive and the other defensive but they have the same mindset except for the defense this year which I think is all Randy Shannon who I think will be lucky to get a coordinator job again. We relied 2 years on our defense. I think McElwain is a better game manager but he’s a much worse defensive coach and recruiter than Muschamp. He eeked out 1 more win in regular seasons than Muschamp did to get us to division title while dealing with some piss poor East teams(the most stable team was KENTUCKY!). For goodness sake, he had two 9-4 seasons. Zook’s worst season was 8 wins and he had to play Miami. There is a reason why all the defensive starters that had any chance of being drafted left. None of the guys that stayed had any chance of being drafted. Rats leaving a sinking ship. At least Muschamp tried different OCs even though his philosophy never changed on what he wanted his offense to look like. The QBs looked horrible, the WRs were nonexistent, and the TEs were supposed to be a big part of the offense yet would catch 1-2 passes a game. Remember when Weiss signed the 2 of the top 3 TEs in the Muschamp’s first class and both of them were done within 2 years.

    The next coach needs to gut the team, get rid of everything with a memory, and start over. Needs to totally crush the team the first year and rebuild it. If we have a great record next year, I’ll be worried unless our offense looks wide open. Great coaches never start out great unless they take over a very good team and this is not a very good team. I think it speaks volumes when fans think a 9-4 season is great in a woeful division. The whole atmosphere has dropped to the pre-Spurrier days. Really more like the 70s.

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    He did some good things. But he was a terrible recruiter. And that is why our program is in such dismal shape now. He won in ’15-16 with Muschamp’s recruits(mainly on defense). Now we are dealing with the scrubs he recruited. The new coach will have to rebuild. The long-term damage outweighs any short-term success he had.

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    A big GR

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