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      Sports betting today and general advice.
      A bet is a form of gambling based on chance, in which there must be at least two bettors and in which it is well specified who bets against whom and what both parties will charge when winning. In every bet it is expected to obtain some type of benefit or satisfaction of nature that is.
      A bookmaker or bookmaker is a person or company that accepts bets on events and that plays the role of intermediary between players who place bets.
      With the advent of the Internet, many bookmakers placed an online page where you can watch sporting events and bet live. Bets are also made via phone, text messages, and mobile applications. The main sites only accept clients from countries where betting on the Internet is not prohibited, and from adults. Most sports on television in the UK and Europe are sponsored, in whole or in part, by Internet bookmakers; There are several online sportsbooks and casinos displayed on player’s jerseys or on billboards,

      Now let’s look at the characterizing elements:

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      It is impossible to talk about sports betting without taking into account the odds, a parameter that allows you to calculate the profit derived from a bet. The higher the odds, the less likely that event will occur. In light of this, it is easy to understand that particularly high odds can lead to dizzying gains.

      • Live betting
      In this type of sports betting, it is possible to bet on events during its course. Obviously, the odds will continually fluctuate, depending on the outcome and occurrence of certain events (penalties, expulsions, injuries).

      • Long-term bets
      This type of sports betting is extremely widespread among those who prefer to try to make big profits, investing large sums of money (not an essential requirement). Among the many possible long-term sports bets you can bet on:
      • Champions League victory for a specific soccer team;
      • Series A Championship victory;
      • Descent of a certain team.
      • Special bets

      This type of sports betting is the result of the inventiveness of bookmakers, for this reason, they are not linked to results and the like. For example, a special bet (special bet) would be: who will be the next coach of Napoli?

      • Simple bet
      The simple bet, or one of the most popular sports bets among those who have large sums to invest and are convinced of being able to predict the outcome of a certain event. In this case, your odds of winning will be higher than small wins, unless you choose a high odds and / or bet big sums.

      • Multiple bet
      Generally when we talk about sports betting, we always refer to the multiple bet. The latter states that all predictions must be guessed to obtain the profit and the profit will be determined by the multiplication of the different probabilities. Example:
      1. Lazio – Rome: final result X 3.50;
      2. Cagliari – Juve: final result 1 5.50;
      3. Bologna – Turin: final result 1 2.30 Bet 3 euros
      To determine the final win, multiply 3.50 x 5.50 x 2.30 and the produced result will in turn be multiplied by 3 (the amount wagered).
      The final victory in this case will be 132 euros and 80 cents (plus the bonuses established by the bookmaker).

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