Requiem for Comment Section

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    Joe Shiver

    Dearly beloved members, Gator fans, and friends,

    We are gathered here today to say goodbye to the dearly departed comment section. The Gainesville Sun, Halifax Media Group, and The New York Times Company thank you for your condolences and for your attendance at this celebration of life.

    I shall now call upon Gator-6 for the reading of the obituary.

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    GS has throngs of followers some read in silence some posted often others not so much. It was a good to read articles of substance and others of lesser substance. The diversity of Gator opinions some hotly debated some in not so with words of more well spoken than I but all ambushed without warning one day. Sometimes it’s not that something had to be done it’s how it’s done. So in one stroke GS fate was set. To my fellow posters some of you know me and know how to contact me I bid farewell and while this once fine forum fades we are GATORS 🐊. In all types of weather. GO GATORS!

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    Good afternoon fellow Gator fanatics. It is my distinct honor to follow you august gentlemen in extolling the now nearly expired virtues of this once great GS comment section. I was originally drawn to the GS website by the thoroughness of Robbie’s articles, the humorous wit of Pat’s columns and the passionate banter of many in Gator Nation that enthusiastically followed and responded to both and to each other.

    I guess all good things must come to an end. With the near death of fan commentary on this site on account of the surprise pay wall thrown up last August and the likely delay, if not the complete demise of a promising Gator 2020 football season, there is really not much point in keeping this comatose website on life support much longer.

    Hopefully some day, this once vibrant website will be replaced by another equally worthy of Gator Nation’s passionate involvement. Until then, so long good friends. It was fun while it lasted!

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    Hopefully this is an allegorical or satirical requiem, not an actual one, because the forum ending would show that even when it comes to having a readily available place to vent and exchange ideas about UF sports, it’s always something.

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    Daz Wazlle

    No, my friend its not satire. There used to be a big contigent on the comments section for decades, now its just a ghost town. G.S. decided to put up a paywall as was their right, though not very bright, and we all went elsewhere and found just as good or better writing and Gator coverage, like Gatorcountry, floridagators etc.. Many even started a group of their own to express their views about gator sports. Many decided to come back this one last time to eulogize the dead. Now Dooley can predict all he wants against gator wins and no one will criticise him!

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      Just woke from one of my regular campus dreams. Walked from Reitz Union to Tigert Hall, where there was a new addition, and some presentation I wanted to see, but forgot what it was. It was early morning, no one was on the Plaza of the Americas.

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