Realistic Expectations for this Season

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    The Homer voice keeps telling me…11-1 SEC Champ, Playoffs, Trask Heisman Finalist, and I know how crazy that is. What do you all think is realistic?

    Here’s my thought:

    Wins: Ch So, CSU, Vandy, Idaho

    Should Win: UK, UT

    Tossups: Mizz, LSU, Scar

    Not Likely: FSU, MSU

    Not this Year: UGA

    Best Case: 6-0 vs top, 4-2 vs bottom: 10-2 overall

    Worst Case: 4-2 v top, 1-5 vs bottom: 5-7 overall

    Most Likely: 5-1 vs top; 2-4 vs bottom: 7-5

    BTW: Have horrible feeling the UK streak ends this year. Ugh.

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    Black Dahlia

    My best case says 3 losses and my worst case says 6 wins.

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    We win Charleston, Kentucky,CO State,Vanderbilt,Missouri,Idaho. Toss up UT,SC,LSU. And I hope I am wrong lose Georgia,MS State,FL State. GO GATORS!!!

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    6-6 then a loss in the palatka bowl

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    Georgia & FSU (to a lesser degree) appear to be the biggest hurdles. Let’s see some play.

    We can be competitive with a decent offense and effective defense. Optimistically, Mullen may be able to do that at Florida in year one.

    The last half of September will be telling with road games in Knoxville and Starkville. It’s not that all the SEC games won’t be close and hard fought. These early games on the road and playing inexperienced in new offensive and defensive schemes, will be especially challenging.

    Lots of home games on the schedule. This is the year to get extra help from fans. I’m predicting nine wins. Don’t underestimate the power of a run-first spread offense to control clock and time of possession.

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    The offense will be better, it has nowhere to go but up. The defense should continue its dependable play if our offense allows it to avoid getting exhausted.
    That being said, 7-9 wins hopefully. IMHO. 8 is the over/under. I’m sure Vegas has it lower. I heard it a couple of weeks ago but can’t recall exactly. Anyone?

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    Sly Sylvester

    This season is too difficult to predict with the new coaches and questionable QB and OL. There’s always the preseason optimism and hype but I am in the wait and see camp. My only prediction is that the fan base will implode the minute we lose a game we shouldn’t have or the offense doesn’t score a touchdown.

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    IMO, it should be competing with UGA for the right to go to the SEC Championship Game.

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    Good to see you JHCRANE-14.

    How fast can so many things be fixed that have been broken for so long? You guys are in a similar situation.

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    Go gators!

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      Thanks mnt2top.

      It may be a rough year for both of our teams but we could surprise a few people 🙂

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    I see us losing to Ga. and Miss St. Toss up games against LSU, Tenn., SC, and FSU. An 8-4 season, give or take a game.

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