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    News is out that he isn’t being retain, which is not unexpected. That being said, he did a great job keeping things relatively normal during a difficult situation. He seems like a stand up guy and a good guy. He was an excellent recruiter. Thank you Coach Shannon, and I wish you success in your next position. I think when the right situation comes around, you should have an opportunity to be a head coach again.

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    Coach S,
    Thank you for a job well done during a tough time. Gatornation owes you a heartfelt thanks for bringing the talent in that you did and running a respectable Defense. You deserve good things and I hope to see you on another sideline soon (just not in the SEC).

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      I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Richt has Randy back at UM.

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    Al Bundy

    He’ll get a job and be fine. Appreciate his efforts while here, but I believe we can do better. Apparently so does Mullen.

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    It’s the exception for a professional coach to have job stability. I hope all of our coaches find positions quickly. Randy Shannon did a great job here. He should find another head coaching position.

    It’s not just a question of the competency of the coach, it’s how they fit into the staff and scheme. Coach Mullen has years of experience with many of his coaches and staff members. He wants to continue that relationship. It’s not a knock on any of the existing coaches or staff if they are not retained.

    That’s another positive aspect of how quickly Mullen can engineer a turnaround at Florida. He has more than a decade of SEC HBC relationships and friendships to draw on.

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    Coach S was not only workmanlike but seemed to give it his all. He deserves a shot somewhere, but makes sense to let him go from DM’s staff. Statistics just simply don’t support retention – especially in LB recruiting….

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    I like Shannon, He’s a great person, great recruiter, and an excellent DC. However, I hope Mullen brings in a DC who has a more an aggressive, attacking scheme. I’m not a fan of bend-but-don’t-break defensive schemes.

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    I hate to see Coach Shannon go too. He looked good in the O and B. Good luck to him and his family. High character, excellent coach.

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    Thank you Coach Shannon! In just a few days of your tenure, you had to deal with miscues and that “good enough” attitude learned over years. But the last three games, I saw a team trying to put it together. The best to you and yours in the future.

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    I remember seeing him with his kids at a Gator softball game last year. I wish him well. If Tennessee comes calling, I hope he has the good sense to say no thanks.

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