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      Neil Shulman recently published his “way too early” 2019 prediction for the Florida Gators on an alternate site (not to be confused with the dreaded, much maligned and oft reviled alternate facts) in which he declared Dan Mullen and company will post another regular season record of 9-3. He breaks it down thusly:
      Miami W by 24
      Tenn-Martin W by 31
      Kentucky W by 20
      Tennessee W by 28
      Towson State W by 34
      rAubun L by 3
      LSU L by 13
      S. Carolina W by 6
      Georgia L by 7
      Vandy W by 1
      Mizzou W by 17
      FSU W by 25

      I think he’s full of beans, that the minimum we do is 10-2, and that we just might surprise all the experts by going 11-1 or 12-0. What do you think at this point in time?gatorsports

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      That’s a reasonable prediction. So is 10-2 for a Gator fan.

      That puts a lot of pressure on the offensive line to perform from game one.

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      SoCal Gator

      I think we get LSU and Auburn. Georgia will be tough. I’m just hoping we don’t have a letdown game and lose one we should definitely win. Still, another 9-3 regular season wouldn’t be the end of the world considering it’s a tougher schedule and we’re going to be breaking in 4 new starters on the OL. The optimist in me is calling for 11-1. The realist in me has us 10-2. The pessimist says 9-3. No matter what, we’re trending up. Go Gators!

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      I see LSU as a tossup game and us as slight underdog against the overdogs, but it is certainly a winnable game. I think we should win the rest with Kentucky, Auburn and possibly Tennessee being battles but our superior S&C program and skill players making the difference and pulling away late. Call me crazy, but I just can’t see us losing again to an inferior team ( in my opinion of course ) in Mizzu. I have a feeling that this is the year that we show them what an ole fashioned gator butt whooping feels like. Unless the O-line turns out to be a early disaster ( I have confidence that Hev will have them playing well by mid season no matter what ) and we trip up in one, think anything less than 10-2 will be underachieving but will not complain about another 9-3 if that is the case..Go Gators !

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      11-1 / 10-2

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      It’s easy to look ahead. Our first game will be challenging for an o-line certain to improve with seasoning. We have experience, talent and depth in our other Gator units to lean on.

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