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    Never was much of an NBA fan before Billy D. went to the Thunder, but I follow them now, and what Sam Presti did with the potential PG13 trade is awfully similar to the Dallas Cowboys trade of Herschel Walker to the Vikings, and we all know what that did for the Cowboys, until the dummy Jerry Jones dumped possibly the best coach of his generation in Jimmy Johnson for his buddy Barry Switzer. Hopefully they give Billy D. a very long leash….especially if they really go for it and make another blockbuster trade for Westbrook too.

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    I’m with you here Corey. Feel for Billy on building something and watching it get taken away for money. Just goes to show there’s plus and minus aspect to every job, no matter how much you are or aren’t paid.

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    Joe Shiver

    Haven’t followed the NBA much lately except to check on the success of the former Gator players. Haven’t really followed BD at OKC, either, although I do hope he succeeds. Completely agree, Corey, with your assessment of Jones dumping Johnson for Switzer. Probably would’ve won four Super Bowls in a row if not for that bonehead move.

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