No Campus Classes – No Sports

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      Colleges staked out a position on when sports may resume. Any notion of games being played in empty stadiums was put to rest for the most part. This is collegiate amateur, not professional sports.


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      Sly Sylvester

      When Trump resumes participating and leading large public events in close proximity is when it will be safe for public gatherings. I wouldn’t listen to what leaders and their political supporters say. Watch what they do. Don’t be a pawn to their political, economical, and ideological agenda. These are troubling times because our country is not pulling together against a common enemy as we should.

      To answer your question, I will pose a question. Even though playing in an empty stadium is not considered a public event, would 200 football players touching and breathing heavily in close proximity to each other be safe for them?

      Manage your individual risk, if not everyone around you. When you are in public, be aware that the virus can be transmitted asymptomatically. That means everyone is flying blind because no one knows who is infected just because they look healthy. You may think that you are in the 95-97% of the population that will beat the virus if infected and don’t care because it’s an acceptable risk for you. However, try thinking about it in terms of how you could be killing 3 to 5 people out of every 100 you come in contact with. Plus, how many more people may die from the 95-97 people who didn’t die? Is that an acceptable risk? Until we have a vaccine, large gatherings are not acceptable risks in my opinion. Employment and essential activities to survive individually and as a society would be acceptable risks depending on individual situations. Entertainment is not essential, although that will be hard to convince the people of Alabama. The problem is that there are so many stupid people who can’t think independently and critically. When they hear numbers and percentages, their mind shuts down. They just follow other stupid people that think like them. As the saying goes, “the blind lead the blind” and “stupid is as stupid does”. Stupid people used to be tolerable. Now they are a possible minefield, not to mention being used as political pawns.

      Be smart. If you are going to listen to someone, listen to smart people who has specialized experience, training, and education on the subject who doesn’t have a political agenda. They are generally unbiased. Don’t listen to your buddy or the talking heads on TV. I love you all.

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      My late father told me that when he was growing up in the mid ‘30’s to late ‘40’s, my grandmother and all the other mothers in the neighborhood were worried sick about infantile paralysis and “the iron lung”. No vaccine would be widely available until the mid ‘50’s. Nonetheless, kids growing up in my father’s time still went to school, the park, the movies, and did all the other things kids did. Society didn’t shut down. It forged ahead under a president disabled but undaunted by the scourge. What happened to this country – the same country that tipped the balance in two world wars, conquered polio, and put a man on the moon – that it is now paralyzed with fear over something relatively harmless to 90% of people; what happened?

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