Nembhard gone?!!

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      Like Howard Cosell would say, “and then, from out of nowhere!” Losing a key player like him is a big loss to the team for the upcoming season, and a hit to the program. Auburn practically had to gang tackle him in that 2019 SEC tournament semi.

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      Graham Hall

      After Florida took Castleton, UF began preparing for either Mann or Nembhard to leave. Personally, I think Mann – and Appleby, who should be first in line for Florida’s starting PG next season – fits what the Gators are trying to do on offense under White more than Nembhard does. But I agree with what you said, Nembhard was a key player for this team and his leadership/toughness will be hard to replace.

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        The coaching staff must be really confident in what they think they have to replace him. Seems a big gamble to break up him, KJ, and Locke, when their two years together showed big potential, and flashes of brilliance reminiscent of ‘06 and ‘07.

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      Got to agree guys. He represented many minutes of game experience at point. We have other point players, its just another factor in the team getting to a high level of play.

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      Nembhard has the great vision, and while at U.F. he had some great passes too. And more often than not, his shots were beginning to fall recently. But 1 thing I noticed in his 2 years in Hogtown was his slow foot work. He had ”Slow-twitch muscle fibers” which support long distance endurance activities like marathon running, etc…

      While ”Fast-twitch muscle fibers” support quick, powerful movements such as sprinting and leaping (See Michael Jordan or U.F.’s Scottie Lewis). I think Nembhard had the Slow-twitch type (just my opinion). His foot-work was slower than most P.G.s in today’s NCAA Men’s Basketball. I think Coach White wants a quicker, more light on his feet Point Guard, like Glover and Mann. But I just played lots of ”street ball” in my youth, so what do I know? Either way, GO GATORS!

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      Big chance being taken by breaking up what looked like good chemistry of a team core going into junior year. Continuity and chemistry reinforce each other. Creating what that core had all over again, and doing it in less than 6 months, seems a serious challenge.

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      Graham Hall

      The team is really high on what they have in Appleby, I actually think the biggest question mark next season is once again at the 5. Need Omar Payne and Jitoboh to take big leaps this offseason.

      Also, how do people feel about the 2020 MBK signing class?

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        Problem at 5 since Big John E. got hurt. Haven’t followed closely enough to talk of specific recruits, but a campus the size of UF gives it a general recruiting plus.

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      Nemmbs is a fast-break, run and gun type of player. It seemed to me he wants to be in a system where he has a chance to average 18 ppg. I don;t think he ever liked White;s half-court offense. Way too slow for Nembs. Even too slow for me. Watching the ball walked up the court, having a guard dribble away the shot clock, then try to set up a play with 8 seconds left on the clock can get awfully boring.

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      That 1999 NCAA tournament game when E. Shannon’s last second game winner rimmed out put ‘Zag on the big time college b-ball map. Looks like they may be getting another hand up from UF.

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      Nembhard found a better fit for his style of play. Can’t wait to see how UF fills his role. It’s a key position for any team.

      We’re Gators, so worrying about the 5 is what we do most seasons. I think Payne will make noticeable progress as he plays more minutes. A lot of questions about depth and ability to contribute in the paint beyond Payne.

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