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    Robbie Andreu

    I guess someone is questioning my timing of doing it now. Here’s why: I’m working on a story about college football coaches’ buyouts that will run in a few weeks. It just struck me after an interview I had this morning that some coaches can benefit by failing with these buyouts. It hit me that Mac definitely did, so I wrote my theory about his departure.

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    Arnold Feliciano
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    You are probably referring to me and I didn’t want to hide from it. I agree with what you said. In fact, a birdie told me months ago, Mac even tried to resign . Haven’t read that and I don’t know if I believe it.Makes sense now though and I think you are right. My thought about the timing is with the last weekend of official visits being this weekend, I didn’t want anyone to see that a coach at Fla who may have recruited many of these kids wanted to get out while we are in the process of trying to get them in. I would have loved to see this article perhaps on Feb. 9 or 10 instead. In any event, Florida is a much better place to be a football player now with Coach Mullen and his staff in place. Any new players in this recruiting cycle will get better , faster and will improve their chances to play in the Big Show down the road after leading the Gators back to championships here. Didn’t mean any disrespect, but I stand by what I wrote.

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    I thought it was a good (off-season) piece of work. Interesting entertainment. But no mention of the shark? Are we sure that was not part of the conspiracy? Now that would be how one gets himself dismissed…

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    Robbie, back at the start of the century (few can say that), at a UAA fundraiser where I hung out with you (both of us were with the G’ville Sun and I was with adv./sales) during the Coach Zook days, I’ve always thought of you as a straight-shooter.
    Now I know you are, taking on the college coaches and their ridiculous buyouts! Most of us don’t even get our SICK DAYS paid when we ”GET FIRED” or QUIT, much less receive MILLIONS OF GREENBACKS for it.
    So, I am looking forward to your new story! For the record: in a perfect world, coaches should only get paid MULTI-MILLONS on remaining contract when they leave the college program better than they found it, and with a winning record (4-8, really?). Which gives the NEXT COACH a better chance of continuing the program UPWARD!
    P.S.- Please don’t tell me ”it’s a business”, people! Then get BETTER CONTRACT NEGOTIATORS, if ”college coaching is a business.”
    And thanks again, Robbie, for all your hard work… and for all these years!

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