Makes Sense … Doesn't It?

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      We couldn’t run or pass block very well against Michigan. That doesn’t leave much else in the playbook to call. There’s plenty of blame to go around…

      Let’s be real. Confidence in the Gator offensive line was a recent thing. They weren’t up to playing against one of the top defenses in the country. That doesn’t mean they won’t improve or play well in the weeks ahead.

      We lost. Let’s move on and learn from our mistakes to compete better in the SEC.

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      Black Mamba

      quick slants, get the ball out of the qb’s hands fast to counter the rush, RB draws, etc…

      there are some things that could have been done to offset the onslaught. There are no excuses for 3 offensive points. simply embarrassing.

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      That’s what you get at 3-Stars U. Coach Mac…..nice guy, can’t recruit, can’t coach; The fact that he doesn’t acknowledge Nussmeimer’s incompetence speaks volumes…You think coach Saban would put up with this crap?

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