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    I’ve gone back and forth about asking this question. Why is Les Miles not even in consideration for Head Coach at UF?

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    He is older, not that great in recruiting as we would need to be, and a failed coach from a rival program. He might be a consideration if several other options are not interested.

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      He is older at 62, but if winning a national championship is a failed coach, I want a failed coach.

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        True – and, I believe he and Meyer are the only coaches with multiple wins against Saban’s Bama teams. So many point out that since LSU has the most players in the NFL, Miles underachieved. But IMO, this is clearly looking at the the negative, not the actual picture. Saban out-recruited Miles EVERY YEAR. So did Miles underachieve, or did he better prepare his players to be able to succeed at the next level?

        Plus, LSU has digressed under Orgeron

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    ummmm…no. Age has ruined his go-joe.

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      He was recently fired, not hired at Ole Miss, that is the “failed” that I was talking about. And i did not exclude him totally just gave some proposed reasons that his name is not prominent in the discussions.

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    Les Miles is too long in tooth. Stricklin needs a younger coach that is not set in his ways.

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    Swamp Donkey

    Lulz. You silly people are hilarious. We fire a guy who couldn’t do anything on offense so you want to hire a guy who got fired from LSU for not being able to do anything on offense.

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    Well, Miles did guide LSU to a national championship at one point, but he seemed to have lost his coaching touch some time after that. He still had some success, but much less than one would expect based on the talent on his team. And his team did become offensively challenged. There is no question in my mind that he would be a bad hire. I would also be very surprised if he were on Stricklin’s list of candidates.

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    Sly Sylvester

    I have mixed feelings about Les. I never liked playing against him and that’s meant as a compliment. He always had a trick play up his sleeve or gamble on 4th down that got us. He’s quite quirky though so you never know what he is going to say or do. He also has issues with clock management with the game on the line. That’s why I would hesitate to jump on the Les wagon.

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    As Mtn said, Les Miles never had much of an offense at LSU. I thought he was a good head coach , though, in the sense that he instilled and showed the ultimate confidence in his team.

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    I would have liked Butch Davis to be considered. Too bad about his problems at North Carolina. His experience in the pro and college ranks is extensive. He was responsible for reviving Miami’s program in the late 90’s early 2000’s and the 2001 championship team were all his recruits.

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