Kudos to Dooley

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    I enjoyed hearing the “rest of the story” on McElwain in your podcast, since his departure was multi-faceted. Also, thanks for encouraging Gator Nation to stop comparing the present by the past. I agree with you, McElwain made Florida a top five program again. So, the Gators should hire a top five candidate who can handle the responsibility. I have mixed feelings about some of the names that I have heard mentioned for possible consideration. IF, Pat Dooley, FLORIDA IS A TOP FIVE PROGRAM (or even top 10), WHICH CANDIDATE’S ARE UP FOR SERIOUS CONSIDERATION AS HBC IN GAINESVILLE?

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    Swamp Donkey

    Poor Pat. Always the last to know.

    At least he can still call us Gidiots.

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    Pat’s article this morning was probably the best I have read from him. I didn’t read anything in that about Mac making Fla a top 5 program again. He must have said in his podcast. If anything , Pat’s article this morning shed light on the same theme the article in Colorado recently shed light on: Mac’s arrogance.He may have made us top 5 in the SEC again , but not nationally.

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    I enjoy nearly all of the Gatorsports articles. I also look forward to listening to the podcasts. For me, Pat and Robbie are Gator institutions in the many years I’ve followed their careers.

    Some arrogance comes with the territory of being a head coach and facing withering criticism for everything you do. If that was a negative, Saban would have been out on the street for arrogance long before his five national championships.

    I don’t really care if he rubbed the new AD wrong. Coach Mac pushed the administration to make much-needed improvements to our football facilities that will reap benefits for years to come. He recruited play makers that will put the next coach in a much better position to be successful than he was when taking the job. I believe Gator history will be a bit kinder to Coach Mac with time.

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