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      Great job of everyone predicting the score this week. It’s how the score came about that’s the story going into the UT game. How about that Lexington home cooking on some of those officiating calls?

      Based on the box score, it was a fairly even contest. In both rushing and passing the teams are close with only a 10 percent or so advantage for UF.

      Was it a defensive letdown for the Gators? The Wildcat offense ran 19 more plays, had five more first downs and nearly 10 more minutes of possession time. Our blistering pass rush came at a cost with only one sack produced on an inexperienced quarterback. Sawyer Smith looked like a Heisman hopeful for most of the game, except the critical fourth quarter. The two additional turnovers by UK proved to be costly.

      On the other side, UK’s defense was very effective. They committed to stopping the run and jamming receivers and it limited the Gator offense for three quarters of the game.

      Then Trask, more of a passing QB, wins the game for Florida by leading the team to THREE rushing scores. His pinpoint passing setup the rushing scores with an obvious command of the playbook, routes and receivers.

      Florida comes out of the UK game the victor, but worse for the wear and with some lingering questions.

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      The interesting question is if the injury to Franks had not happened, would Franks have brought the team back from 11 points down? I think the answer would be yes. Mullen had no choice to abandon the run game for the passing game. This is the strength of our offense.

      I hope we see the same passing game to start off the Tennessee game. I would like to see play ratio closer to 70/30 passing. The weakest part of the Vol defense is their secondary. Start fast and work on the running game next week with Towson.

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      It would be great when Jones came in to have a RPO and have him throw it. Everyone would be expecting a run.

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        Joe Shiver

        I think it’s almost essential that Jones throw the ball some, otherwise, the Vols will sit on the QB run when he comes in, and the offense will be predictable. I’m sure CDM has thought of that, too, so I think you’re right to expect that.

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      The execution of the Gator offense was at a high level in the fourth quarter. UT has a better idea of what to expect from a Trask-led team.

      I agree on Jones as the change-up. He also needs the PT. Trask obviously doesn’t.

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      There were some clear observations that I took away from the UK game:

      1. The Cats have the best OL/DL combination the Gators have played so far this season and it’s not even close. The only question left on my mind is how good are they compared to those of Auburn, LSU and UGA?

      2. Trask is a better all-around passer than Franks and it’s not even close. He looks off his primary receiver, goes through his progressions, makes decisions and gets rid of the ball quicker, and throws the ball 10 or more yards downfield accurately, even when he’s scrambling around. He also ran off more plays per quarter than Franks did, which will improve the overall performance of the Gator O going forward.

      3. Jabari Zuniga and C.J. Henderson are more vital to the performance of the Gator D than initially believed coming out of the UM game. Their absence from the UK game really hurt defensive performance. Hopefully, they’ll both be back healthy by the Auburn game.

      Let’s hope the Gators can get through the Tennessee game with a solid win and no more injuries to key players.

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