how sos screwed it up

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      He brought a lot of attention to our program. Much of it was envy and hate. He admitted as much but explained it. He gave us a brand. With that comes expectations and sometimes a sense of entitlement. Bama has it, UK basketball has it, UCLA basketball had it for decades. When greatness, genius or both lead your programs it is easy to assume that same quality transfers to all of us. When somebody makes it look easy like the HBC then it must be true. It isn’t. And I think it is much harder now with so much money and competition for college football greatness. When a Houston or Oregon or CLemson can climb into the upper reaches of game day glory then you know the playing field has been 1. leveled some and 2. uber competitive.
      Here is a fact. Since Steve left we have had (by decree here and other places) the three worst coaches in history and one of the worst human beings ever as a coach. Many believe it. Held up against the glory of Orr it does look like that. Only excellence+swagger+march up and down the field offense is deemed good coaching now.

      Before you unsheathe your knives and machetes let me say I am disappointed and hoped for better yesterday. It had a familiarity we were all hoping had abated. They beat us in the trenches. They embarrassed us. They got the right to smile and laugh and point fingers. We did that for almost a decade and a half not so long ago. IT is fun. Like I said elsewhere today, I have not given up hope. Cant do it. Won’t do it. As long as they show up I will show up. If you are my QB or coach or water boy or tuba player out there Im supporting you.
      I will say this. If what many here thinks is the inevitable I want SOS to have a say in the hiring of the next “worst coach in history”. 😉 The old saying it takes one to know one may have real applications for him to be part of the hiring process.
      btw I peeked outside and I think the sun is coming up again…………:yes:

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      ”Uber competitive” college landscape? Yep! But can a FLORIDA PROGRAM that has 3 Heisman Trophy winners at Q.B. get an ”effective and consistent offense” (not exactly ”marching up and down the field” expectations, just an O-line that can block) any time soon!?!?! Any reasonable Gator fan would think that’s possible after 8-9 years of inept and ineffective offenses. Nobody is ”hating” on coaches of the past as ”the worst humans ever”. Those coaches just couldn’t handle Florida offenses, and it -STILL- continues to today, sadly. And after MILLIONS of DOLLARS in ”indoor practice facilities, and bi-polar helmet designs by Nike, too! Go Gators!

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