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    Graham Hall

    Hey everybody — normally I post UF football recruitment info in here, but this time I’m just looking to generate some discussion about possible graduate transfers you want Florida’s basketball team to pursue.

    With the 2019 class adding 2 more on April 17th, also known as Signing Day in men’s college basketball, Florida coach Mike White will have two roster spots open to fill before the Gators open next season.

    Two that I’ve been following are Alihan Demir, who officially announced his transfer from Drexel today, and Max Hazzard from UC Irvine. Another name to watch due to intrigue alone: Jahvon Quinerly, who is leaving Villanova after just one season. Although he will have to sit out a year wherever he heads, Quinerly was one of the top prospects in the 2018 class and comes with plenty of upside — he just simply didn’t fit in well at ‘Nova.

    Are there any graduate transfers out there that have caught your eye?

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    Daz Wazlle

    No , but I just didnt want you to think nobody was reading you or was interested in the topic 13 hours later.Thanks for the update.

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    Since you asked Graham, no, I don’t know enough about the ”portal” or ”the flex capacitor” either. Not well enough to write about it or discuss it. But here’s what I do know. I’ve listened to ”F-you” tweeting Dooley, and I’ve listen to the always honorable on-air, Steve Russell, since way back when he was spinning vinyl. And I know that the ”grad transfer” thing for Mike White was temporary, or ”until he could get his guys in here.” And it worked rather well for Mike White’s 1st 2 years, see Koulechov, and Barry before him. But Coach White is on year 4 just being done, and heading into year 5.
    That says it all about Coach White’s present ability to recruit quality big men to the very same university that Billy ‘D’ won 2 N.C.’s and went to 4 Final Fours at. That, in of itself, says ”mucho” to little ole’ me! And for those who say, ”Billy ‘D’ just caught lightning in a bottle , so you can’t expect that every year.” Well, to you all I say, ”I am NOT asking for that EVERY year, or even every 5 years, I am ONLY ASKING for U.F. Men’s Basketball to go RECRUIT BIG MEN worthy of a school that boasts about being a ”TOP 10 ATHLETIC PROGRAM.”
    And I will leave you same people with this question to ponder. ‘WHAT IF’ the Univ. of North Carolina, or say the Alabama Football program, way back when they first started their ”greatness” said, ”We cannot EXPECT this greatness every year, or every other year even. We just ‘caught lightning in a bottle,’ so ease up on your GREAT EXPECTATIONS.”?!?!?!?
    I know! They’d sound a lot like some Florida fans in the 21st century. That’s what would’ve happen! Go Gators!

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    GI, isn’t one of the highly rated recruits that’s already signed listed as a center by recruiting services? If not he would definitely still be considered a big man. Plus the last commitment was a 3 or 4* center that may or may not be healthy enough to play next year. The big man that just graduated was a Donovan commitment, so if he wasn’t a great player maybe both coaches get some blame. We could probably hire Will Wade to buy us a couple of the prized recruits now too 😎

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    Joe Shiver

    Graham, thanks for this forum. I realize you’re busy with football, so I’m sure it takes extra effort stay on top of basketball as well. A friend has made me aware of graduate transfer Joey Brunk from Butler. He’s 6’11” – 230, would be immediately eligible, and has two years of eligibility left. Indiana is very interested. My friend is more sold on him than I, since he only averaged 7.6 points and 3.6 rebounds in 18 minutes, but he did average 14.2 points in six games where he had at least 24 minutes. I think the fact that he’d have two years left makes him much more attractive.

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    Size, strength and good free throw shooting needed. Maybe one of the football team’s tight ends to play a Major Parker-like role.

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    Dr. Pepper21

    Graham you got an inside scoop on Kerry Blackshear?

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      Graham Hall

      UF was one of many teams to reach out to Blackshear, and Florida, Michigan State and TAMU are perceived to be the favorites. Obviously the Orlando connection + UF’s frontcourt needs make it an ideal landing spot for Kerry, but White will have to stave off some serious competition. We’ll know within the week.

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    Read an article written in Big Blue land, that quotes a 247sports recruiting analyst putting Florida and Texas AM as two teams most likely to land him. He feels UF because of being close to Orlando, he went to Evans HS, and the immediate need for his type of experience and help at that position, and A&M, mainly because that’s where his old coach at Va. Tech went.

    Made a good point though, that since he’s also put his name in the draft, w/o an agent, that he may not make a decision until probably late May or even early June, since the deadline to withdraw is May 29th. So don’t hold your breath and just wait first to find out if he sticks with the draft or not before wondering where he may go. My guess though is he’ll have made both those decisions by the same time, so he’ll probably decide on the draft, and if no, will probably declare his intended new home for a year a couple of days later.

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