Gators' 3rd down 'D' is weak!

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    Florida’s defensive front 7, while having some great moments this year (see: L.S.U. game), is still hurting on 3rd and long. It seems at times ‘IF’ only the other team’s offense can just get to ”3rd and long” on Florida’s ‘D’, the better their chances of converting it.
    It’s also a big reason why Florida lost to U.G.A. last Saturday, too. The Gator defense, believe it or not, has actually regressed in holding teams on 3rd down. Florida dropped 6% in 3rd conversion defensive stands under Todd Grantham as D.C. from last year’s 3rd down Gator ‘D’.
    One can argue that his blitz packages are the cause. You know, ”live by sword, die by the sword.” But it has to change for Florida to win 10 games this year, period. Why? Because Florida’s offense has struggled on 3rd down at times this year against good to great teams, (see: U.G.A. game). But Florida presently trails Mizzou, South Carolina and Florida State (teams U.F .still has to play) in 3rd down defensive stands. That is ‘WHY’ it has to change!
    And while I still believe Grantham and Mullen work very well together as the team’s offensive and defensive main coordinators, the 3rd down defense has to improve for Florida to improve overall as a team. And for the record, the S.E.C.’s best 3rd down defenses are nationally ranked in order: Alabama at 8th best in the nation, Texas A&M at 9th, Miss. State at 10th, Carolina at 13th. Florida still way low at 65th in the nation. Point made, but still.. ”Go Gators! Beat Mizzou!”

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    The back of our defense is thin and inexperienced. Georgia had the personnel to exploit that weakness. Our front seven has done well to cover for the secondary.

    The most significant statistic from the game is not third-down conversions but turnovers.

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    GI, I haven’t seen the stats on this year to last year. I didn’t think we were that good on 3rd down under MAC. I felt we gave up a lot on 3rd downs there too. But you are right they are playing different on 3rd down and it shows. Something changed mid season in coverage and it has been exploited. I am guessing they are working on reads and position and the guys are not grasping some of the scheme. I think they need to simplify it a bit and maybe change the scheme on 3rd. Mtn has a point. Those turnover killed us. That and an offense that couldn’t get any traction.

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    For all the great progress this team accomplished this year, they peaked a few weeks back and sadly, it’s down hill from here on out… 7-5 and possibly a Bluebonnet Bowl invite.

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    ”And the Tigers converted 11 of 18 third-down plays to stay on the field.” -Robbie Andreu (after Mizzou game).
    I rest my case. Thanks for the comments.

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    The third-down defense was definitely weak against the Tigers. But so was pretty much every other aspect of the defense. Mizzou was tougher and more physical than the Gators in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

    This has not always been the case, however. The Gators put together three games where they allowed third-down conversions just under 22% of the time, according to a stat I saw in an article by Abolverdi. This put them at 50th in the country for that stat — not great but not terrible either. And the offensive line created some holes against both LSU and UGA. I can only conclude that the Gators were indeed flat for the Mizzou game, which is not surprising given the probable hangover from the prior game.

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    It’s not just the defense. Third down has been weak on offense.

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