GatorNation: Take a Deep Breath

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    OK, I’ve been a Gator since age 8 back in the mid 80s. I never post, just don’t see the point, but this time I felt the need to weigh in. The job search will take time, and after just a few days, there is no leading candidate, or more anxiety-producing, there is no right answer. Let’s go through the candidates and look at pros/cons, by category:

    NOT HAPPENING: Spurrier, Shanahan (Mike), Stoops, Gruden. These guys are done coaching.

    TOO MUCH BAGGAGE: Kiffin, Chip Kelly, Petrino, Kerwin Bell. Too many issues with NCAA or personal problems.

    COORDINATORS READY TO STEP UP (AKA the “Muschamps”): Venables, Moorehead, Aranda, Diaz, Pruitt. Did the AKA not make you think twice?

    THE UP AND COMERS: Morris, Frost, Candle, Campbell, Norvell, and Bobo. Didn’t we just experience an offensive oriented lower tier head coach. Oh yeah, that did not fix the issues.

    THE “MAYBE” READY TO MOVE TO BIGGER JOB: Mullen, Fuente, Doeren, Babers, Taggart, Brohm, Leach. Sure, why not? I would personally love to see what the Mad Pirate could do with 5* athletes.

    My point is this: there are no guarantees, and there is a long way to go. It is far, far too early to begin the speculation.

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    It’s never too early to begin speculation on who the next Florida coach will be. They were speculating last week so why not this week?

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