Gator Hoops Light Up Butler

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      What a difference a month makes. The Gators lit into Butler from the tip. It was never a game.

      The Gators may not always play that well, or Butler so bad. I’m delighted to see the team turn it up a notch going into league play. Great defense today that blew open the offense.

      It was a real treat to have two significant and dominating Gator wins on the same day! It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

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      It was a great game by the Gators, following on the heels of a great game by the football team. Perhaps the first help to inspire the second. I have a feeling that Butler did not play up to their potential, but the Gators were excellent on both ends of the court. I hope it is a sign that they have turned a corner.

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      I sure hope so Gator67.

      That was as bad of a shooting funk we’ve seen in awhile. When you lose three starters, including the point guard – everything changes. It was smart of Coach White to keep working through defense to spark the offense.

      Nembhard is the future. The team is remaking itself with his style and nuances of play.

      The offense blazed but it was our best defensive game. I think defense will continue to lead the way. With minimal turnovers and some points we can win ugly against most teams. We have the potential to be much better with consistent shooting.

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      Sly Sylvester

      The first half was amazing!!! If I remember correctly, I think 9 Gators had scored in the first half and they were making over 75% of the shots. That’s extraordinary. It’s like the basketball was laser guided and the basket was lased. On the flip side, I think Butler’s basket had an cloaked lid on it. I’ve never seen anything like it and I don’t expect to see it again.

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