Gator Basketball heading into ‘ole St. Louie and March Madness”…

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      Congrats to Chris ”Cheese” Chiozza for tying Erving Walker’s school record -547 career assists tonight against ‘Bama. The plus side of Cheese not getting the record at Alabama was now Gator fans can celebrate ”GATOR STYLE” in the Exactech Arena O’Dome (on the ”Billy Donovan Court” -hint U.F. Admin.) on Saturday against the tamed ‘Cats of Kentucky with Chris ”CHEESE” Chiozza in-person.
      And congrats to KeVaugh Allen for Saturday’s game against Auburn and that 3/4’s of a full court shot, which is still only a 3 pointer (anything over half court should count as ‘4’ points, in my opinion). As Kevin Brockway reported, ”One of the highlights against Auburn for KeVaughn Allen was a three-quarter court shot at the first-half buzzer… It also ranked No. 1 on ESPN’s top 10 plays on Saturday night.”
      KeVaughn Allen’s Gator team leading 24 points against Auburn on Saturday (02-24-’18) made Kevin & Pat from Gatorsports, Gator radio hosts, and fans alike all wonder ‘IF’ Florida could beat Alabama without Allen scoring big time for Florida.
      Well, how about Hudson scoring big time for Florida, that works too! And ”giving credit where it’s due”, ESPN 98.1 WRUF’S, Brady Ackerman said today on his 10:00 A.M. show that ”this game would be decided by the backcourt of Florida”. Saying it would take Allen, Koulechov, and Hudson (which it did, Hudson was on fire, and Koulechov quietly contributed too).
      But I thought it would take Bassett and Hayes offensively contributing in order to beat ‘Bama. But, thankfully, I was wrong. And suprisingly, I was totally impressed with Hayes’ effort tonight in ”T-town” (as Paul Finebaum would say). He was scrapping for loose balls, going after rebounds, and ”playing with more passion” defensively.
      It never fails, ”competition makes everyone and everything better.” From free market capitalism, little league, high school sports… to Gator Basketball. As recent successful playing time from Bassett (in the Auburn win) was immediate competition for Hayes’ P.T. (playing time). And Hayes played better for a change. Competition for the big men can only make Florida more successful and a tough out in both tournaments, SEC and NCAA.
      So, let’s all hope ”this effort” continues from the entire Gator team. And that when Allen isn’t hitting, Hudson is. Or when Hudson’s game is off, KeVaughn’s isn’t! And, hopefully, Bassett gets well in time for the Kentucky game Saturday, as Brockway reported he wasn’t feeling well in the 2nd half at ‘Bama. And the big men must continue to push each other to play better.
      Gator Basketball lost 3 games in a row. Then they took out a Top 25 Auburn team, and went into Alabama and spanked the Tide. Now can they beat U.K and make it 3 wins in a row going into St. Louis for the SEC Tourney? This Gator fan thinks it’s possible! Go Gators!

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      Sorry, I’ve only done 2 of these forums, and I know my heading was wrong. I cannot figure out how to correct it (hint, please start allowing corrections).
      ”Gator Basketball heading into ‘ole St. Louie and March Madness”… THERE! Go Gators!

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      Arnold Feliciano

      gatorgi70x7: Hit the edit button, it will allow you to do so.
      Agree with you on Brady A. Enjoy his show also.

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      Thank you, I looked at my post after some time elapsed and I don’t see an edit button. But maybe I’ll figure out these forums soon. And thanks for offering them, it gives us ”true fans” (bf not included) another medium to communicate.

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