Game 7: Florida at LSU

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    It’s only mid-October and this game puts a stellar season on the line. In any year, it’s tough to defeat LSU in Baton Rouge. The Vegas line seems excessive. I don’t think LSU can cover.

    Can Florida win this game? There’s a couple of paths.

    Our offense is good enough. Without turnovers, they’re capable of burning clock and making some downs and points to keep us in it. I see this side of the match up as key to winning or losing the game.

    Florida’s defense is going to get gashed a bit by the LSU offense. They’re going to create some havoc for LSU as well. It may be more of a draw on this side of the match up than pundits expect.

    I think our special teams may have a slight edge, especially on the road.

    This game and LSU are ripe for the upset of the week. Florida 28-24 in a shocker!

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    Won’t really be a shocker when you take out all the media hype over LSU and give the Gators props for what they HAVE done so far this season……do that, and like you say, these teams match up actually in favor of the Gators. If we want it.

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    This is going to be the week we have no turnovers on offense. It will be a shootout with Florida winning in the last two minutes – 35 – 31. Both defenses will play well at times, but will not be able to stop the offenses from scoring. I think the Gator defense will have more plays to stop LSU long enough for the upset. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

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    D needs to pressure J. Burrow early and often, creating turnovers and/or multiple 3 and outs. O must establish the run in the first half, so their conditioning dominates the second, and sends the quieted home crowd to the exits early.

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Thanks, mtn2top, for getting this thread cranking.

    Pat Dooley, Gainesville Sun sports columnist: LSU 30, Florida 24
    Robbie Andreu, Sun staff writer: LSU 35, Florida 28
    Graham Hall, Sun correspondent: LSU 20, Florida 16
    Scott LaPeer, Sun correspondent: Florida 24, LSU 17 Florida 23, LSU 17

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